People start businesses for a plethora of purposes: Some founders become exhausted of corporate life and want the freedom of working for themselves, while others lose their job and branching out on their own becomes a compulsion. And then there are those ‘SENTI people, the classic entrepreneurs with that je ne sais quoi that means they possess the spirit and vitality to make their dreams a reality – no matter what !

After serving the community for a stint of 13 odd years in various roles and setting up two business houses; this was the time to fulfil the dreams. With a genuine desire to improve the quality of life for the individuals in the communities where we work, we started Learning Mudra. We are driven by the value system to “Respect all and Support all to deliver Performance coupled with high Quality ”.

We have big ambitions to make the world a better place to work by creating a stronger, more learned world. We are curious about partnering with the best of the talented trainers (and their prospective audience too; wink), while being fearless in our pursuit of pushing the limits to deliver the highest ROI possible for them. If you aspire to be a trainer / already are a thought leader and want sales and marketing support; or probably want to learn about any subject through training intervention; then we are just a call away.