Atlassian Training is a must for anyone who is looking for a job or wants to improve in the current job in the IT industry. One of the Atlassian Training is Atlassian JIRA training, which is training on how to easily use the JIRA software which is developed by Atlassian. The JIRA software is one of the most used and latest tools in the IT. JIRA is a software development tool that agile teams utilize for their work. Many firms require the employee to be able to use the JIRA software, so the person needs to know how to use the software to be able to handle work in the organization. There are many Atlassian Courses available for JIRA training, for example, JIRA user, JIRA admin, etc.

Atlassian JIRA Admin Training

Atlassian JIRA Admin Training includes many other pieces of training which are beneficial for the person who is looking to get a good knowledge of JIRA software. JIRA Admin or JIRA Administrators training. The JIRA admin is in charge of setting up JIRA software, JIRA Core, and JIRA service management, as well as any connected applications or third-party solutions. They also build projects, designate JIRA Project Administrators, and set up project permissions. If the person is looking for the job of developer in the firm for JIRA software, then he/she should do the JIRA Admin training to become the best suitable candidate for the role. Along with JIRA training, Atlassian Confluence Training is also important for the candidate.

Atlassian Confluence Training

Aside from JIRA, there is also another software developed by Atlassian which is Confluence. There are Atlassian Courses that focus on Confluence software. Confluence is a team workspace for organizations where the employees can work together on projects, objectives and discuss the plans and strategies. Through Confluence, the team working on a project can share information and details required by other team members for easy functioning, this can lower the time required for the project and can increase the efficiency of the team. To be able to understand the software and use it effectively in a team, Atlassian Confluence Training is provided for the people.

Atlassian JIRA User Training

Other than JIRA Admin training, which is important for the role of Administrators, there is JIRA user training under the Atlassian JIRA Training. The JIRA user training is training for the employee which teaches how to effectively use the JIRA software and manage projects from within the software. Team members can manage tasks and keep the track of progress on the project from within the software after getting the JIRA user training. This Atlassian Training is beneficial for the employees who are working in the organization which uses the JIRA software for managing and keeping track of the projects on daily basis.

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Atlassian JIRA and Confluence Training

Atlassian JIRA Training helps the person getting to know the JIRA software and how to use it effectively, but many organizations also use Confluence software along with JIRA to increase the efficiency of the work and the team. Both JIRA and Confluence work great together, so firms prefer people who can use both the software efficiently. To be able to use Confluence software with ease, Atlassian Confluence Training is provided. Through this training, the person will learn how to use Confluence along with the JIRA, so that he/she can work without having any difficulties due to not knowing the other software workings.

Atlassian Confluence Admin Training

Several Atlassian Courses are provided by many institutes to better understand the working of Atlassian Software. As these software are widely used by many firms, it is beneficial to know how do they work and how to use if effectively while working on a project in a team. One of the important course is Confluence Admin. This course enables the person to understand the administrative working of Confluence software. Through this course, the person will learn how to manage users, groups, permissions and how to enable teams to use templates and tools. This Atlassian Confluence Training is important for the person who is looking for an administrative role in the organization.

Atlassian JIRA and Agile Alignment

Atlassian JIRA Training also teaches the person how to align agile practices, roles, and ceremonies with the JIRA environment. The training teaches the person how to manage agile projects, products, and development work using the JIRA as the primary collaboration platform. Tools designed in JIRA enable agile practices and track agile projects. No other agile project management application provides the breadth of agile context and thorough agile framework that Atlassian provides with JIRA. This Atlassian Course is beneficial who knows agile practices too, so he/she can use those practices with JIRA and work better in the JIRA environment in the organization.

Atlassian JIRA and SAFe framework

As the SAFe framework grows in popularity, more businesses realize that they want adequate tooling to become an agile enterprise. With the Atlassian JIRA Training, the employees in the organization will be able to use the SAFe framework with ease and make the organization agile. Atlassian has a significant goal of becoming the tool supplier of choice for enterprises adopting or pursuing agile-at-scale, with a strong knowledge of the intricacies and interdependencies involved with SAFe. Along with the Atlassian Confluence Training, the employees will be able to significantly increase the efficiency of the work and make the organization much better at delivering excellent results on the projects.


To conclude, Atlassian Training is important for the person who is looking for a job in the IT sector. Many firms in IT use Atlassian JIRA to manage project tasks of projects, along with Atlassian Confluence, which is a team workspace, where the team can collaborate and discuss ideas, work, and tasks. With both JIRA and Confluence combined, the organization can touch new boundaries in the field of IT, but for this to happen employees must know how to use the software effectively. JIRA and Confluence are widely used by many organizations, so it is beneficial for any person who is interested in IT to do both the Atlassian JIRA and Atlassian Confluence Training. These two pieces of training will help the person learn about both the software.

The Atlassian Training Provided by Learning Mudra are as follows

  • JIRA User
  • JIRA Admin
  • JIRA Developer