Offerings for Online PMP Training in India

  • The candidates attending Online PMP Training in India will be given HD Audio Visual modules which will cover all the knowledge areas of PMBOK Guide 6th edition 2017.
  • C35 PDU Certificates will be provided given for the completion of 35 hours of PMP Education.
  • The students will be given a downloadable version of e-book of the PMBOK Guide 6th edition and they would also be given a blueprint of the new format of the exam which will all the knowledgeable areas.
  • The students will be given 100-300 questions for practicing purposes.
  • The students will be given free and downloadable courseware.
  • Doubts can be cleared through live session & sample videos as well.
  • The students will get to clear their doubts in online classes and also get the opportunity to solve case studies and participate in interactive games and discussions through online mode.

The Training Delivery Model of Online PMP Training in India

For Individuals

- The training comprises of 35 hours of online PMP training.

- The course fee excludes the exam fees.

- A certified and experienced course instructor will deliver the PMP training.

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For Business

- The training would be held in teams and the candidates will have greater flexibility regarding timings.

- The candidates will receive course, category and all access pricing.

- Candidates will be engaged in interactive sessions, games, discussions and case study solutions.

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online pmp training in india

Insight of the Online PMP Training from the Leading Online PMP Training Institute in India

The world is seeing a huge automation effect, with automation entering into each industry, the value of human employees is decreasing in every domain, and so is the case for project management across industries. Hence to keep oneself up-to-date with the existing trends of the industry, one needs to do a certified online PMP training in India, so that one can work according to the current PMP trends that are happening around the world in this domain. Managing the projects with utmost efficiency & standing apart from various other employees becomes possible if one takes Online PMP.

Now, one may ask that what actually is PMP. PMP, is the project management program, which is managed by the PMI worldwide. Since, it is a global certification, it has a uniform structure throughout all the countries. With digitalization taking over the world, one does not even need to go to centres to study for the PMP, one can easily do an affordable online PMP in India, and learn everything that there’s to be learnt. Even while a person is working in an organization, he or she can apply for the training online, and put In the hard-work while one is working simultaneously.

Taking this training in India is as easy as it can get, as you can apply from various certified institutes by the PMI, and get a uniform structure of project management. The examination of any leading Online PMP Training in India is not just about the theoretical knowledge related to the concepts of project management, but also tests the practical knowledge that a person possesses about the field of project management. A candidate first needs to clear some basic requirements to be able to apply for the this certification. And once a candidate is eligible to appear for the examination, and clears the exam, then his membership achieved through this online PMP in India is valid for life if he renews it with time.

Other advantages of an online PMP training course include the distinction it brings to your profile, and the way it makes you stand apart from the rest of the employees. A PMP certification brings a unique identity and credibility to your work, as the clients and the employer know that you are someone who knows how to manage the project well and in an efficient manner. Also, an Online PMP is something that can help you even after you have been in the industry for a very long time, as it keeps on updating itself with the new practices that are happening around the world.

Another advantage of an Online PMP training is that it can be taken up on one’s individual pace, and you can work to get the certification done even when you are working simultaneously. Even if you are working at the designation of project management, the upper management of your company and your employer would want you to stay updated and certified, and hence would want you to take up the PMP certification, as this will add trust to their name too, that they have a team of employees who are certified and capable enough to handle big valued clients.

Everyone loves that they get good reviews from their managers, or from the HR department of the company. A leading Online PMP training in India does not disappoint us in this domain too, as surveys have shown that employees who have a PMP certifications are better rated in their review, and they get better salary increments and more bonuses in comparison to non-certified employees. An online PMP helps a person expand their horizons in a corporate environment, as companies want people who are willing to adapt with changing times, and acquire new skills as and when the need arises.

Surveys have shown that more and more HR managers are accepting PMP certification by the PMI. Also, the average salary difference between a PMP certified employee and a non PMP certified employee for the same designation is close to 25% now. Hence, one can safely say that an online PMP training certification is not just something that enhances you on paper, but also adds skills in you, makes you stand apart from the rest and provides you with tools which will be useful when it comes to the practical side of executing your theoretical knowledge.

PMP is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Starting from January 2, 2021 the PMP certification exam has evolved into a new model. In this newer iteration of the exam one half of the exam will revolve around predictive project management and the other half will revolve around hybrid or agile project management. This new approach reflects the ground reality faced by project management personnel in the diverse environment they work in as well as the variety of approaches they use to achieve their goals.

Based on the input from various professionals and other relevant stake holders PMI has codified the curriculum into three major domains. They are People, Process and Business Environment.

Here the Domains represent the meta level knowledge framework that is essential for project management while each Domain is further broken down into Tasks associated with them.

The Domains and their associated tasks are given below:

1. People- This domain accounts for 42% of the questions in the exam. It has been subdivided in to 14 tasks, they are:

  • Managing conflicts
  • Leading a team
  • Providing support to team’s performance
  • What is PMP®?
  • Empowering all relevant stake holders and team members
  • Building a team
  • Removing a team’s obstacles
  • Negotiation of the terms of project agreements
  • Improving collaboration with various stakeholders
  • Ensure shared understanding
  • Co-ordinate with virtual teams
  • Communicate ground rules
  • Mentoring stakeholders adequately
  • Utilize principles of emotional intelligence to improve team performance

2. Process- This accounts for 50% of the questions in the exam comprising of the following 17 tasks:

  • Work with urgency to ensure deadlines are met
  • Managing communication
  • Identify and mitigate risks
  • Engaging various stakeholders
  • Planning and management of resources
  • Planning and management of schedule
  • Planning and management of quality of products
  • Planning and management of scope of project
  • Integrating project planning
  • Managing changes in project
  • Planning and management of procurement
  • Managing various project artifacts
  • Selecting appropriate methodology and practices for the project
  • Create a project governance structure
  • Managing various issues in the project
  • Managing knowledge transfer for project longevity
  • Planning and management of transition or end of phase or project

3. Business Environment- This comprises of the final 8% of the questions and is comprised of 4 tasks:

  • Management and Planning of compliance requirements
  • Assess and delivery of project’s benefits
  • Identifying and dealing with changes in business environment
  • Provide support for changes in organizational structure and values
  • Gain knowledge of global best practices such as agile and others
  • Be able to apply benchmark tools to real world challenges to gain desired outcome
  • Be able to define the various domains of project management with clarity and execute their associated tasks to deliver value to the company
  • Be a part of more than 1,000,000 PMP certified professionals
  • Increase salary remuneration by 25% or more
  • Fast-track your career growth to bigger and better projects
  • Learn the industry relevant skills of today and the future


  • Individual workshop deliverables may be subject to change.

There are certain pre-requisites for gaining the certification. They are:

For renewal of PMP certification, with every three-year interval they need to earn at least 60 PDUs or Professional Development Units.

Any and all professionals working in the field of project management who fulfill the eligibility conditions and wish to improve their value & credibility in the job market are welcome to apply for the certification. This includes all professionals such as project leaders, tram leaders and others working in project management positions in a variety of business domains throughout the globe. The certification is sure to add value to their professional standing and take their career to the next level. Considering the new normal that has come into being with the disruption created by the covid-19 pandemic, there has been a host of new tools and processes. These have been developed to deal with the challenge that has been created to effectively and efficiently deal with this unprecedented scenario that has emerged.

After January 2, 2021 the pattern of the exam has changed in the following ways:

  • From now onwards candidates are to face 180 questions as opposed to the 200 questions previously.
  • They will be allowed 230 minutes to complete the exam
  • For those opting for the computer-based exam they have a total of 2 ten minutes breaks as part of the examination process.
  • The candidates who are opting for paper-based exams will not be provided with breaks of any kind.
  • There will be a combination of various types of questions such as MCQs, matching choices and filling in the blanks among others.

FAQs related to Online PMP Training in India

Yes, PMP certification is highly significant. In fact, many companies have made PMP a requisite for selection.

The PMP exam is hard but can be cracked through diligent learning, careful planning and good PMP education.

You need to meet the eligibility criteria, get your application approved and pass the PMP exam.

The PMP exam fee is $405 for members and $555 for non-members. The fees do depend on the exchange rates of various countries.

The average salary after PMP in India is 17 lacs INR per year.

The new PMP exam is a little harder but thorough preparation and good PMP education is all you need to pass.

You can get either but it is mandatory to get the PMP training before appearing for the PMP exam.