Offerings of Medical Representative Training in India

  • Study guides will be provided for all modules to ensure that they are tailored to the student's needs. A current assessment of the training materials accompanies our Medical Representative Training in India.
  • There are assignments in every module of the program to support continuous assessment and guidance.
  • Live interactive or online sessions are available for all key areas of this program, allowing the greatest flexibility for participants.
  • For all modules, both weekday and weekend classes will be held. In addition, a doubt clearing session will precede the exam.
  • Throughout the program modules, Learning Mudra faculty members make every effort to make them understandable and appealing.
  • The course includes a wide variety of assessments and evaluations to ensure participants' skill levels are developed and to prepare them for the job market.
  • Each program module ends with the trainers administering a questionnaire to all participants.
  • English / local language is used for instruction and training at all times.

The Training Delivery Model of Medical Representative Training in India

For Individuals

-The training comprises of 15 days and will be held in a classroom / online

-The training offers a certificate at the end of 15 days

-We offer job guarantee at any location of choice in India

-Any science / non science graduate can join the course and be a medical representative (MR)

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For Business

-We offer the Induction training to a medical representatives' team from the corporate.

-We offer sales process / in- clinic presentation training to the already working teams of Medical Representatives.

-Teaching assistance would be continuous and 24/7.

-Corporate doesn't need to hire its own trainers on payroll.

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medical representative training in india

Insight of the Training from the Leading Medical Representative Training Institute in India

India's pharmaceutical industry is one of several fast-growing sectors of the economy. There are products produced by it that are used to produce drugs in other countries. India ranks 3rd worldwide for production volume, but 14th for production value. Hence, obtaining Medical Representative Training in India is a must. In the pharmaceutical industry and laboratories, medical representatives promote and sell medical products (mainly medicines) as part of their duties. A medical representative not only sells medications but also prescribes medical supplies and equipment to their clients. Learning Mudra is the best Medical Representative Training Institute in India.

Learning Mudra, the leading Medical Representative Training Institute in India has partnered with many organizations to provide placement assistance to participants. Placement cells are regularly staffed by Senior Human Resources professionals who are closely connected to the business and industry. Our participants' employability must be promoted by maintaining good relationships with top HR cells and recruiters of healthcare companies worldwide. Additionally, the placement cell helps write resumes, conduct mock interviews, and provide interview skills. In recent months the Institute has witnessed more and more participation from professionals working with global pharmaceutical giants like Aurobindo Pharma, Glenmark Generics, Cipla, Wockhardt, Pfizer, Abbott, Medtronic, Ipca Laboratories, Sun Pharmaceutical, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, Mankind Pharma, Lupin, etc. Training courses for medical sales representatives can help you become MRs.

In our Medical Representative Training in India, several hours of training are arranged specifically to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies. It turns participants into confident professionals who are ready to take on the responsibilities of a Medical Representative. In this course, PowerPoint presentations, interactive training sessions, and live video inputs are used. Having a clear understanding of the Medical Representative's job helps the participants to perform better while learning from the best Medical Representative Training Institute in India.

Students of our Medical Representative Training Institute in India develop relevant skills through this training program. Medical products are the subject of this training program. The program, therefore, offers students knowledge of the pharmaceutical sector and marketing skills. Life sciences are the trade that this training program falls under. Pharmacology, marketing, sales, etc. are some of the aspects covered.

Our interactive training program will give you an in-depth understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, which prepares you for a Medical Representative position in the pharmaceutical companies. Our Medical Representative Training Institute in India teaches you how to develop customer-oriented sales approaches from basic concepts to advanced level concepts.

As a leading job agency and a training service provider in India, we cover the following in details during our 100 hrs training session to help you become a Medical Representative :

Knowledge based topics covered during Medical Representatives’ Induction Training :

  • Selling as a Profession
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Medical Language
  • Pharmacology
  • Various Therapeutic Segments
  • Anatomy & Physiology of human body and different systems of the body
  • Job of Medical Representative
  • Various formats

Skill based topics covered during Medical Representatives’ Induction Training :

Not just the technical aspect, but we will also train you on the soft skills required to perform better in the industry. Below are the listed categories of skills we will train you in.

  • Art of Listening
  • Communication Skills
  • Detailing
  • Sales Cycle
  • Selling Skills
  • Retail Chemist Prescription Audit
  • Personal Order Booking
  • Relationship Marketing
  • English Speaking
  • Basic Computers: Word
  • Basic Computers: Excel
  • Basic Computers: Power Point
  • Grooming, Hygiene, Dressing Professional Etiquettes
  • Public Speaking
  • Preparing Plan for the day & Bag
  • Participating Stalls/ Conferences
  • Joint Working with Managers
  • Preparing Reports
  • Launching New Products
  • Preparing CV & application
  • Interview Preparation
  • Selling through Surprises

Attitude based topics covered during Medical Representatives’ Induction Training :

Once the candidate is trained in the technical and skills based concepts, they will directly be sent for on-the-job training. They will go through the finest development level, and be groomed and tested for the same. For technical sessions, understanding of the trainees is be evaluated through questionnaire which will be part of the trainee's work book. In today’s changing world, the way you present yourself, matters the most. Therefore the employees will be groomed a lot on that. Also, the major focus of your trainer will also be stressed on your interpersonal skills. Once the trainee successfully completes all the training program, he is placed in the industry.

The agenda of the Medical Representative Training in India

Different strategies are employed by the professionals to raise awareness of the company's medical supplies. These representatives must be persuasive and have a good understanding of biology and medicine. Health care professionals (HCPs) and pharmaceutical companies are linked through sales representatives. The image of their face represents the company. Medications, medical equipment, and devices are promoted by medical representatives, who also oversee the ethics of sales. Various strategies are used by the company to promote its medical supplies.

Medical Representative Training in India from Learning Mudra aims to improve the skills of professionals in sales and marketing. This program teaches you skills in negotiation, planning, and research as well as marketing and market research.

Module 1 :

  • Medical Sales Representative: Skills (Communication, Leadership, Personnel Skills, Customer Service Skills, Selling Skills etc.), Roles & Responsibilities, Work ethics, the Code of Conduct, and the Pharma Sales Department's Hierarchy
  • Module 2 :

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology, and Abbreviations
  • Module 3 :

  • Overview of Pharmacovigilance, Drug Classification, and Basic Module 3: Overview of Pharmacovigilance, Drug Classification, and Basic
  • Module 4 :

  • Communication skills, Listening skills and Selling skills, Distribution system of the medicines, and Handling objections while in the clinic 
  • Module 5 :

  • Managing Market and Analysis, Managing both the Market and the Sales Information, How to do Retail Chemist Prescription Audit (RCPA)
  • Module 6 :

  • The value of branding in pharmaceuticals' sales 
  • Module 7 :

  • Essentials of Pharma LBL and Visual Aids
  • Module 8 :

  • Competitor Brand Information, Competitor Knowledge, and Competitor Activities
  • Module 9 :

  • Managing Key Opinion Leaders in Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Module 10 :

  • IT Skills:  Sales team reporting and tracking, understanding the  processes for the Daily Call Report
  • Module 11 :

  • The process of sales planning and forecasting, developing sales ability, and achieving performance goals
  • Module 12 :

  • Work ethics for medical sales staff, with a focus on the life after COVID-19 situation. (This will include the importance of Social distancing at the work place like - Clinics, Hospital & Pharmacies, protection protocols to be followed against infection and necessary guidelines for safety)
  • Module 13 :

  • The Digital Shift during and after Covid-19, Scope, Impact, and Future of Digital Marketing in Pharma

Throughout the course, the Institute will provide you with information through course materials, self-assessment assignments, and project work. The candidares shall be provided a thorough study guide in hard / soft copies that meets the requirements of the audience for all the modules. The supplemental training materials are appropriately in line with the standards of the current industry.

Other Deliverables :

  • Assignments for each programme module for ongoing assessment and guidance.
  • Interactive or online live sessions that give participants complete flexibility in all key areas of the programme.
  • Before the test, there will also be a doubt-clearing session scheduled. Learning Mudra's  faculty members go all out to ensure that each module of the programme is simple to understand.
  • Assessment and evaluation of each module of the programme in order to raise participants' competencies and skills levels that will enable them to apply for jobs.

Participants who enroll for Medical Representative Training in India from our institute not only receive off-course training, information, and guidance, but also receive a training certificate. As a medical representative in pharmaceutical marketing, someone with great customer service skills and sales skills could be very successful. Company representatives are evaluated based on their performance in achieving set sales targets. Over time, he can become a Regional Manager, District Manager, Area Manager, Zone Manager, Division Sales Manager, and Division Controller, The Director of Marketing etc. As part of this program, you will learn about pharmacology, industrial standards, human anatomy, physiological terms, medical terms, drug formularies, storage and transportation methods, health management, and more.

All this is really possible once you have taken the training and the certification from Learning Mudra- The leading Medical representatives' training institute in India. Learning Mudra indeed is the best Medical Representative Training Institute in India.

For Freshers to become Job Ready as Medical sales Representatives (MSR) :

Learn the basics of Medical Representative job, Easily crack the interviews after atending the Mediacal Representative Training in India. The trainees can attend the course online / offline too from many locations in India including : Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore,Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Pune, Visakhapatnam, Jaipur, Indore, Delhi.

Any student with Science and technology / Commerce / Arts degrees of undergraduate or graduate level / (Microbiology, Life Sciences, Botany, Zoology, Food Science, Food Technology, or with a background in Biochemistry, Microbiology, Life Sciences or any non science stream) can apply. Diploma holders may apply for programs such as Executive Diplomas, Industry Certificates, and Certificates of Completion. Through the E-learning tools incorporated by our Medical Representative Training Institute in India, courses, lectures, and live online classes can be easily accessed. Performance is regulated and paced in a variety of ways by the instructors and the trainees together.

Medical Representatives (Working):

Those medical representatives already working in the field as medical representatives can also join the batch and get refreshed with the latest skills/ knowledge gaps.

Area Sales Managers (Working) :

Learning Mudra's experienced instructors also provide refresher trainings to the area sales managers in the sales vertical.

Every participant takes a written exam after completing the course. Participants who complete the Medical Representative Training in India are awarded certificates.