How Do I Prove My PMP Experience?

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Defining the problem - How do I prove my PMP experience?

While you are considering getting your PMP certification and you start your search online on various website. It could be PMI’s official website or yours truly Learning Mudra . When you start your search however, you face a dilemma in 9/10 cases. A dilemma of time. The eligibility criteria which is very confusing and difficult to calculate. It states that you need to have a 4 year degree with 36 months or 4500 hours experience in leading projects OR high school diploma and 60 months or 7500 hours experience in leading projects. But let me tell you there is more to it than we see.

Defining the main question

You could be dissuaded or confused when you read this eligibility criteria, and to be honest it is in fact slightly confusing if you look at it. But as I said there is a lot we do not see right now. If you are confused about how many years is 4500 hours and how to better understand 4500 hours. However, if you are more concerned about the second biggest confusion that people face, namely, “How do I prove my PMP experience?”, this article is for you. Here we will help you better understand how you prove your PMP experience to become eligible for training and exam. It is an easy journey after you are done with this part of the puzzle.

What is a leading project ?

People are confused about what quantify as “leading project” in this. And even if we find out what that is how do we prove that it is. Let’s take one problem at a time. First is project leading problem. If you read the criteria it mentions people need to lead projects for 36 months to be eligible but that is more complex than that. PMI mentions this on their website that it is more than leading. It merely means participating in roles in project not necessarily as leaders or managers. Even if you were in small analysis, software development or InfoTech related projects would also qualify for PMP eligibility.

Dividing projects for ease

So, to give you a sigh of relief. It is not that difficult, just critically assess every task and project you took and you are good to go. You could even exceed the 4500 or 7500 hour mark. We at Learning Mudra will help you document your project in a way that it is doable. Now that we know what quantifies as data. Now we will tell you how to document it. Every project you undertake should be divided into 5 groups, namely:

Initiating the project

Assessing the market dynamics and preparing prerequisites based on which plans will be made. You need to mention the number of hours spent on this.

Planning the project

Time spent on actual planning of a project, how things will go about. You need to calculate the time in hours you spent doing this.

Executing the project

Implementing the plan and reaching your desired result. Again, you need to time the hours here and come up with a number

Monitoring and controlling the project

Monitoring and controlling should be an ongoing process and it takes place to find redundancy so that corrective measures can be undertaken at right time to avoid disruption to plans. Number of hours spent on this need to be calculated too.

Closing the project

The project task is almost complete, this stage talks about the final stages and implementation. We need to see the hours spent here too.

Dilemma solved

After calculating all 5 of these you will be able to find hours spent on that particular project. This is one of the easier ways of calculating as it breaks down the processes and makes it easy for you to recollect too. At this point you will be able to get a pretty good idea about what comes under project and what doesn’t. Using excel to figure it out is a good option. And you will be able to calculate yourself. We are there to help you too, in case you need it.

how do i prove my pmp experience

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What if a surprise audit happens ?

Now let us define a project so you don’t get to yourself a surprise audit. A project is anything that has attached to it an end desired result. And it is supposed to have a starting point, middle point and end point. Basically a process should be there for it to qualify as a project. A process ideally involving above 5 mentioned points. However if you are still unsure remember that small individual projects can also be considered as project. So you can always go for that. Small projects together make big progress for your journey. Small and tiny droplets make the ocean. Read here to know in details if you fail the audit.

About PMP

Let us tell you, you have chosen the right career path. PMP is one of the most promising fields of this decade and having the certification, however tough, the process may seem will be fruitful in coming years. You will be facing success and prosperity that you didn’t without the certificate. We at Learning Mudra are there to assist you in any way that you want. Remember, you are not alone in this. We are a family. You may learn more about PMP in our other blogs too. Feel free to contact.

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