How to crack PMP in first attempt?

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Lets crack PMP in the first attempt:

PMP is the most respected global certificationin the field of project management hence it makes logical sense that the difficulty of clearing the exam is of the most exacting standards as well. When professionals who have fulfilled the eligibility criteria begin to contemplate preparing for the certification they have a wide range of questions in their mind, starting from the basic questions about syllabus to the strategy they should pursue while preparing for the exam itself. Considering the difficulty of the certification it is normal that doubts arise in their mind regarding their ability to clear the examin their maiden attempt.

Step wise approach to crack PMP in the first attempt

While the answer to this question is highly subjective and depends on the individual but if the correct strategy is followed then the chances are really high that one can clear the exam in the first attempt. Despite the differences between the various candidates there are certain general principles which if followed will produce favorable results for the general population. These principles have withstood the test of many exam candidates and are considered to be the framework by which a lot of successful candidates have approached the exam.

1. Familiarize yourselves with the syllabus

The first step in this process is for the candidates is to familiarize themselves with the syllabus. This first step involves of gaining awareness of all the topics related with the various domains of the exam in greater detail. People, process and business environment are considered as the meta topics for the entire exam. Thus, it’s essential for the candidates to explore the intricacies of the topics involved with this in greater detail and touch all the important points in them.

2. Find your baseline abilities

After they have done this, they should take a realistic assessment of their current abilities to find their baseline abilities in order to customize a study plan for their preparation. This will ensure they are effectively utilizing their resources. Their gaps and strengths will be clearly visible as a result of their assessment and they should work effectively to fill their gaps as per the expected importance of the topic for the exam. They should also focus their efforts to take advantage of their strengths in a calculated manner that allows them to eliminate their weaknesses making it irrelevant at times. This will be applied in the real world by devising a study plan with clear performance objectives that have be met in every study session. This process will ensure they make steady progress to their goal every day.

3. Create a daily schedule to prepare for PMP certification

The candidates in most cases are professionals with significant experience and are already in leadership positions in projects, this necessitates effective time management. This process involves them dividing their day into segments and creating space in their daily schedule in order to preparefor PMP certification. This also needs some degree of cooperation from their family members or people they share their daily lives with. They must inform them that this portion of time is important to them and create systems in place to minimize distractions. They must also create strategies to deal with various contingencies before these adverse conditions arise.

4. Gather all the relevant educational resources

Next, they should gather all the relevant educational resources for the exam and ensure that only the highest quality of materials will be at their disposal. They should definitely get their hand on the reference book known as the PMBOK guide which is also known as “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge”. They can also visit the various websites while also gathering books after consulting with previously successful candidates. They have the option to adopt the methodologies of previously successful candidates to determine an approach that is suitable for them. They also have the option to create their own unique approach from scratch.

how to crack pmp in the first attempt

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5. Take guidance from a conducive social circle working towards the same goal

If it is possible then they can locate the members in their local PMI chapters in order to take help of their skills and experiences in taking the exam. They can contact the authorized training providers from PMP to take any specialized training for their any area that they expect to add value for their preparation. Their preparation will be streamlined by reading various blogs and joining interest groups of like-minded individuals who are also preparing for the exam. The presence of a conducive social circle of people who are working towards the same goal will also give them a moral support and focus.

6. Take mock tests

Finally, once they have prepared diligently on the relevant topics, they can then start taking mock tests that will condition them to be prepared to approach the exam in an optimal manner. This will also remove their apprehensions and fear regarding the exam and give them the necessary feedback to optimize their approach for the exam. Finally, they will do well to remember that PMP exam can be given as many times as need to get their certification.

7. Take guidance from a PMP training institute

Last but not the least they can take the help of any mentor / training institution (like Learning Mudra); of their choice who can coach them through the process of clearing the exam.

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