Is PMP Exam Multiple Choice?

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Lets understand if the PMP exam is entirely composed of multiple-choice questions

Most professionals who are preparing to appear for the PMP certification exam contemplate on the strategy they need to execute in order to succeed in the exam. At this point their first course of action is to determine the scope of the syllabus for the exam. After making due consideration of the syllabus, they need to cover for the exam they begin to tailor their approach to the types of questions they may face in the exam. or do other types of questions also appear in the exam.

Different kinds of questions in PMP exam

As per the official sources from the PMI website itself, the exam consists of five types of questions. They are of the following types:

Multiple choice questions

These involve making a single choice among a host of given options.

Multiple selections among a group of choices

These involve making more than one selection among the given set of options.

Matching items or drag and drop questions

In this form of questions the candidates have to drag & drop items given in the question to match processes to their appropriate process groups.

Hotspots or questions involving interacting with a computer graphics

These questions involve interacting with a computer graphic model then make use of their knowledge and calculations to determine requisite data points.

Fill-in the-blanks in a limited form

In these types of questions they have to fill up the place in the question paper indicated by blanks with appropriate terms.

A significant shift in the pattern of PMP certification exam

As we know there has been a significant shift in the pattern of PMP certification exam and these changes have been officially adopted from January 2, 2021. This was done in order to keep in step with the changing needs of Project management combined with an intent to effectively respond to the disruption created by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new kind of PMP Questionnaire

All of the above types of questions are made available in both the iterations of the exam be it either in test centres or online proctored exams. In the test centres the help of computers will be taken to make these types of questions available to the candidates. These questions will test a candidate’s ability to deliver value in a wider horizon of the business spectrum. The questions will come from three critical areas of people, process and business environment. These new approaches will also consider predictive, agile and hybrid approaches for all the three domains.

The previous exam comprised of two hundred questions in the allocated time. The new exam pattern now will instead consist of hundred and eighty questions in two hundred thirty minutes while the number of questions scored will remain the same.

is pmp exam multiple choice

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The online proctored PMP exam

There has also been a major thrust given to the online proctored PMP exam during this new iteration. This has taken place due to the emergency measures such as social distancing and lockdown measures that have been taken. These measure which have been by various governments as a response to the unprecedented global pandemic have disrupted a lot of channels of operations of businesses. These effects have also been extended to the traditional system of taking exams. Adding to this it is true that maintaining the stringent requirements of social distancing and hygiene is challenging for most individuals.

Many activities need to be done for taking the exam in test centres such as travelling to the exam centres to parking their vehicles and entering the premises of the test centres. There are many points during this chain when the candidates may not be able to ensure adequate safety measures. Thus, there was a necessity to enhance the safety of the candidates while making the process of taking the exam be agile and adaptive to any such challenges in the future.

The modus operandi of conducting online proctored PMP exam

Therefore, the process of online proctored exams has been made simpler. The exam is divided in to two parts and after submitting the first part the candidate is permitted to take a ten-minute break. The only requirements that exist for the online proctored exams are a computer with a working webcam, availability of an uninterrupted internet connection and a quiet space. The candidates have the flexibility to schedule their exams through-out the day as well as during any day of the week. The same quality of questions will be maintained with a live proctor to monitor the candidate’s test taking attempt.

You can also achieve it

This process will ensure that the candidates can apply for the certification in the safety of their home during these troubled times. Thus, they can side step the various risk factors that arise while giving paper-based exams. Once they have thoroughly prepared for the exam, they can schedule their exam and also take a feel for the test by utilizing the links provided in the PMI website. Once they have adapted to the new online approach and the current pattern of questions, they can proceed with the test. They can now add another achievement to their CV in the form of PMP certification and improve their career prospects.

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