Can I put CAPM after my name?

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CAPM after your name – a confusion !

Are you a the project manager who recently got the CAPM certificate? Certified Associate Project Management, offered by PMI, Project Management Institute, is an entry level certificate for Project Managers. As a person who wants to get into the field of project management this is a really good certificate to start with as it shows your credibility as project manager. And at the beginning of your career; credibility is what you should be after. However, many of us wonder if CAPM is a certificate which can be used after our names? Like doctors use Dr, or like CA put it behind their names. Let’s find out.

What is CAPM ?

CAPM is a beginner level certification program for project managers and has minimum eligibility requirement. To become CAPM, it requires little effort and some studying, as compared to PMP, (let’s just say). Although the books for both PMP and CAPM, which is the highest accreditation in project management, is same. You have to read the same PBBOK guide for both PMP and CAPM. Then how do they differ and why does CAPM after your name doesn’t have as big of an impact as PMP. Let’s approach the problem at hand by breaking it down. First, can we put CAPM after our names?

The answer to the question

The answer to the above question is yes. We can very well put CAPM after our names if we have the certification. There is no harm. It is okay to put it in the initial part of your career as you will be getting opportunity because of this certificate. But once it has been a few years being CAPM you should refrain from putting CAPM in your name as you might lose opportunity. People might think you are still a beginner with CAPM certificate and you might lose leadership opportunity. At this point you should work towards better jobs and growth and for that CAPM won’t suffice. It would definitely not hurt to mention you have CAPM in conversation when required but to your name will be too much.

Where not to use !

Now that we've seen that yes we can use it. Now let's explore in which situations it is advisable to use and in which it is not. You shouldn't be using your CAPM certification in every email you send. It's not that big of a certificate honestly. In certain ones it is fine. But when sending a mail to your superior, let’s say your boss, it is not required, your boss is probably a PMP certified. And when sending a mail to your subordinate even then it is not required. Since it is a minimum entry level certificate, chances are even the latter has it.

Where to use !

Now let's talk about where you can use your CAPM after your name. You can use it in your business card. Not after name but casually mentioned for impact. It is okay to put it on emails too if you're leading a project and are giving someone instructions for it. Definitely mention it in your CV. Every big achievement that you have should go in your CV. But, with that said, once you get your PMP the better course of action would be to put just PMP on it. You could be thinking to yourself why you need a PMP if you have a CAPM.

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What is the future for you ?

However, I'd suggest to not limit yourself if you've gotten CAPM. This, my friend, is just the beginning for you. Gain more experience in the field, a field which is growing at a tremendous rate. Once you've enough experience in leading projects I suggest you go for PMP certification next. That truly adds an impact and can be used even in front of names. The reason PMP is something that should be on your list of goals is that the returns from it are significant. PMP assures 25% increase in salary on average in USA.

Why PMP should be your goal ?

In other countries it is even higher. For example India has 36% average increment for project managers. No other field has this better growth that too within months. Maximum increase in salary that Indians get at one point of time is 10-15%. Plus, the impact of having PMP after your name is far higher than having just CAPM. You will be respected as you are possessing the highest accreditation that exists for project managers. . Getting a PMP certificate takes years, it takes effort. CAPM is an entry level. PMP is the highest achievement in project management field. And as a project manager, your goal should always be to go up in the hierarchy.

Plan of action

So, to conclude, If you are starting your project management career, by all means, go for certified associate project management certificate to get the initial boost to your career, you would be more credible than project managers without the certificate and might get leading experience. Become a better project manager. Use CAPM after your name at right places. Keep thriving for more and gain experience. Once you have the experience go for PMP certification to take your career to the next level. For any CAPM or PMP certification assistance, write to us at:

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