What is PDU in PMP ?

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PDU abbreviated as Professional Development Unit, is a way to measure ongoing professional development. To take care of certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP), you ought to maintain a particular variety of PDUs, which may be earned by attending events, or accomplishing courses. Simply put, it is a unit accustomed live in progress development at intervals of different sectors wherever project management professionals are sought. PMP certification holders ought to earn 60 professional development units (PDUs) over 3 years to take care of the certification. Your certification and/or Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) cycle starts the day you pass the PMP® certification exam and ends on constant date three years later.

Changes in Classification

PMI has brought in few changes that how PDUs will be classified, and how the project managers ought to follow these new stipulations to take care of Project management certifications. PMI’s Talent Triangle focuses on serving to project managers develop further skills required to satisfy the evolving demands of the profession. The Talent Triangle consists of 3 categories:

Category 1: Technical Project Management

The technical aspects of acting on your role in your organization.

Category 2: Leadership

Knowledge, skills and behaviours concerned within the ability to guide, inspire and/or direct others to realize a goal.

Category 3: Strategic and Business Management

Knowledge of and experience within the industry/organization, serving you to align your team in exceedingly manner that enhances performance and effectively delivers business outcomes.

what is pdu in pmp

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Ways of earning PDUs

Under the new rules, professionals should earn a minimum of 8 PDUs from every element of the 3 triangle groups. Earning the PDUs has many ways and some of which are mentioned below:

Ongoing Education

Take in-person or online courses, attend seminars/webinars, trade events, or get into self-reliant learning and take it at your own pace. Simply confirm the course you are taking and verify if it is formally sanctioned to provide out PDUs.

Global Events

Meetings and events that gathers the world community, includes the academic sessions, keynote, and featured speakers. (Typically 7–50+ PDUs)

Online or Digital Media

Self-paced learning conducted online or through varied sorts of digital media. PMI recommends these resources :

Online on demand courses

Giving back is all concerning personal growth and earning more PDUs for PMP :

Giving back to the Profession may be a distinctive chance for you to expand your knowledge base and sharpen your skills, while also growing personally and professionally at the same time. Though not needed for recertification, earning “Giving Back” PDUs can be a good way to expand your horizons.
Here are some most followed ways from which you can earn Giving Back PDUs.

Work as a Professional

Working after you pass the credential exam, PDUs can be earned when you apply your knowledge and skills in an exceedingly sensible setting.

Create Content

Do you write articles or blogs? Provide webinars? Build videos? Today’s digital world is jam packed new content and something you produce counts towards your re-certification.

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