Is PMP Certification Difficult ?

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Introduction to PMP Exam

PMP or the project management program is one of the best-known project management courses known to people. It is managed by the Project Management Institute across the world, and helps people attain greater successes in their career paths, as it opens many doors for people who are willing to go through the complete certification. PMP has the unique advantage that its structure, course, and curriculum is standard throughout the world. So, it does not matter from where you do the certification, as long as it is from a PMI certified institute / trainer.

Examination criteria of PMP Exam

The examination criteria for PMP certification is a long but fruitful process. If any candidate is serious to clear the PMP examination process and attain its certification, then there’s nothing that can stop him. The examination tests you on your theoretical knowledge and also on how well do you put your theoretical knowledge to practical use, in a real-world situation. It tests your ability to connect the theory to the practical set of applications, and how you react to different situations that arise in a real-world scenario, and how you use your knowledge to solve the given problem.

PMP by no means is a piece of cake that anyone can just lift, it requires tremendous effort and dedication on your end to get the desired results. The long hours one has put in managing any project in a professional environment, the long study modules and the time one is devoting to it, to grasp all the theoretical knowledge for the subject of project management. The candidate also needs to send a detailed application form to the PMI, and if they clear the candidate in that application form, then only he or she can proceed with the examination.

Reason of failure in the PMP Exam

Even after one has put a lot of efforts in preparing, one might not be able to clear the examination, and then one may feel that the PMP is tough in itself, and that I won’t be able to clear the examination ever. But there might be some fundamental mistakes that you might be committing, and that is becoming the reason for your failure. Perhaps the rationale for failing the exam is just that you simply don't understand the concepts from the guide or don’t let the concepts sink in well enough that you know how to apply those theoretical skills to practical use.

Reasons of difficulty in the PMP Exam

Another reason that you might find the examination difficult is that some people get cold feet before any significant event in their lives. And this examination would definitely be included in a significant event, as it will change your life once you clear it. Serious candidates may know everything but they freeze in the examination, and lose their ability to think, and end up messing their examination. Another reason that people may find the exam difficult is that English might not be their first language, and they struggle with English as a language, and not with the concepts of project management per say.

One more reason for you thinking that PMP examination is difficult is that you didn’t take any mocks during your preparation, so you don’t actually know what a real paper looks like, and when you see the paper for the first time, you don’t know how to react to the paper, and you end up underperforming on the paper, even when you know everything about the concepts. Lastly, one more reason for people failing is that after multiple attempts, one has lost the confidence in his / her abilities to solve the paper, and clear the examination.

is pmp certification difficult

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Tips to crack the PMP exam

There are some tips that people can take to counter all these issues that they face while attempting the PMP examination. Get yourself a "Study Buddy". Find someone in your area, company or PMI Chapter who is additionally studying and meet with them on a weekly basis. Review the concepts together and most significantly inform one another how you understand the concepts. You'll also work together on practice questions and explain the explanations for your answers. Making a case for why you think that the solution you select is that the "best" answer will help both you and your buddy learn and more importantly remember the concept.

To solve the language problem, PMI offers language aid in 13 languages, and a candidate can go back and forth and translate according to their wish, but this is time consuming, and can add more pressure on you in an already stressful environment. Also, if you are low on confidence, then that is the time to talk to some professional / trainer from an institute like Learning Mudra, who can help you with your confidence, as the issue is not with you being low on the skills required to crack the examination, the concern here is that of the confidence, and for that you need an external booster to help you.

Once you see for yourself that what is stopping you from becoming a PMP certified professional, you may realize that the issue that you are facing is not listed in the points mentioned above. But don’t worry, everybody is different, and they face different issues. All you need to do is sit calmly, and introspect, that what is going wrong, and then start point by point to eliminate that issue, and then reattempt the examination. PMP is tough, but it is not impossible to crack, as we can see from the evidence of more than 1 million PMP certified professionals worldwide.


We would conclude by saying that nothing is easy anymore, everything is becoming more competitive in nature and harder to get. But somethings require you to give your 110% so that success can be attained, and PMP is one of those. Yes, it is one of the hardest examinations on the face of the planet, but no, it does not mean that you can’t clear it if you do all the right things. Once you have cleared the examination, then you will understand that why is this certification so esteemed and valuable all around the world, and how it was all worth it!

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