How do I get 4500 hours of PMP?

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Now that you have made your mind to apply for Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, and after visiting PMP website you start to read about the eligibility criteria. You must be wondering about the experience of above 4500 hours which is required and it must have prompted curiosity within you about what does this 4500 hour of experience meansand how can you get them?

Understanding the importance of PMP Experience Hours

Every year, there are new certifications launched in various fields. Yet, PMP remains one of the most valued project management certifications and globally recognized. Why do you think it is accredited as highly reputed certificate? Well because of rigorous eligibility criteria and training, enabling employers to place their faith in PMP certified candidates with strong project skills. When PMP experience hours are combined with other PMP requirements, it will provide the professionals with a holistic growth and knowledge.
Alongside, it is important and also a wise choice to go through PMI handbook and read about the eligibility criteria and get yourself prepared for the PMP certification.
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Inadequate PMP experience Hours?

Sometimes professionals get discouraged due to less hours of experience. Don’t get disappointed. In case you do not have enough hours, there are many ways to fill the gap. On the basis of your education, you might need 7500 or 4500 hours of Project Management Experience. In order to meet the eligibility criteria,you need to keep these things in mind:

1. Keeping record of your work

Did you know that you might have hundreds or thousands of project hours already? The only challenge is to identify and document that experience, in order to remember you should start recording your working hours. PMP application asks you to mention details of every project you have worked upon like qualifying hours, employmentdate, organization details and responsibilities performed by you.

2. Volunteer yourself

In order to fill in your PMP experience hours you can volunteer to work as a project coordinator. Because it’s unpaid work, there are numerous opportunities for the less experienced.It’s important to note that PMP requires thousands of hours of leading and directing projects. On the hindsight, it not only provides you with the crucially needed experience hours, but also provides enormous amount of self-satisfaction and confidence.

3. Networking

Right networking can help you getting advice on how to get started in project management field, however it can also provide you with various opportunities to get work too. Even the most experienced project managers understandthe importance of networking and making good relations and connection with people.Imagine starting networking in the early days of your career, what value it adds to your career by the time you become a seasoned professional in your field.

4. Jobs providing Project Management Experience

If you are looking for new opportunities or thinking of changing jobs, you can consider roles which include responsibilities related to project management.For instance, Business Analyst who are often asked to collect relevant information which ultimately becomes a part of project or assigning tasks to individuals.

5. Consider the industry

For entry level jobs, you can look for titles like business analyst or test manager, consulting firm being one of the popular environments for project management can be considered as well. Please note the, building websites and organizing events all are counted as projects, allowing you to work in various industries.

6. Start small

It is important to note that any company would not hire entry level or junior project managers for bigger projects, especially when individuals doesn’t have much experience. You will have to make your way within the organization by moving up gradually.
You can also suggest small projects to your managers and lead them. For identifying the basis of project try thinking on the grounds, what type of process takes lot of time or what sort of process cost most money.

7. Training Coordinator

In order to work on large projects as well as one of your own, you can be training coordinator as it provides best of both worlds. When it comes to large project, training is often considered the essential component, allowing you to participate in any form.

8. CAPM certification

If you have no prior experience in leading a project, you can get Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certificate, which will also help you in understanding the PMBOK guide before PMP exam. CAPM certificate can also help you in finding new opportunities.

how do i get 4500 hours of pmp

9. Side hustle hours

If you have some extra time on your hands, you can also consider finding a part time job or assist in a project. To get the freelancing work you can search through sites which provide part time work.

In this article we have discussed multiple ways through which you can earn PMP experience hours after bachelors or High School degree, it is important to note that keeping the record of your project hours is essential as getting the 4500 hours of experience may sound a daunting task in the first place, but a patient contemplation regarding it will show you that it is not at all a hard criterion to achieve. So, start working from now and be vigilant about everything you do because every hour of your hard work and time counts.

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