How much can you make with a PMP certification?

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The project management Institute or the PMI is the universal body that foresees the ongoing of the project management program or the PMP worldwide. Project management is a relatively newer term for people, but it has been in existence for quite some time now. People have been getting the PMP certifications from the PMI, and have created a vast network of professionals who are specifically working in the domain of project management. This group is a vast group of more than 1 million PMP certified professionals, who come together and represent the PMP fraternity.

There are quite a few reasons that why PMP is so famous among the people who are interested in the domain of project management. PMP makes you stand apart from the other employees who are working in the same designation because you have a certified project management certification. The median salary that PMP certified professionals get is higher than those who don't have a certification even when they are working at the same post in the same company. These certified employees also get better reviews when he or she has done PMP certification from the HR managers or the managers to whom they are reporting.

These better reviews act as an external motivator for these employees, as they get better performance reviews and more salary hikes in comparison to other employees, and this in turn acts as a stimulus for them to keep on performing better and making their work count. There is one other reason that why companies are willing to pay a higher amount of salaries to these certified PMP professionals, these professionals have been trained to utilise the resources optimally and with as minimum waste as possible, which results in saving of the resources of the company.

So, these companies are willing to pay the extra salaries because this cut down on the eventual cost of the product in the company. The overall result is a better economic status for the company, and they happily pay the extra incentives in exchange for the cost saving in the product. There have been a lot of surveys that have revealed that people who have done PMP certification get higher salaries as compared to people who haven't, but they also have a higher job satisfaction and workplace wellbeing. All of this acts as a positive influence on the employee to perform better in his work.

For instance, let me tell you of fact which was revealed in the US. the United States being the best economy of the world, the average GDP of the United States stands at $55,000, but the people who have done up PMP certification and a working in the United States they get an average salary of 108,964 US dollars, which is almost double the average salary that a non- certified employee gets. This is not only the case for the United States but even in India, the average project manager gets close to 12,00,000 INR, whereas a PMP certified professional gets almost 18,50,000 as the median salary in project manager.

PMP provides a candidate with the specified skills and training to manage a project in such a way, that the person is in a position to deliver the specified objectives of the project with a high conversion rate, while allocating the finite resources in such a fashion that the efficiency and therefore the output remains highly desirable. But a project manager may or might not possess these skills, but a licensed professional within the domain of project management will certainly possess these skills. Hence, a number one certification just like the Project Management Professional (PMP) course delivers better.

In a survey conducted by the PMI, the body which accredits the PMP worldwide, 71% of the respondents claimed that they received better salary hikes and bonuses as compared to their colleagues who didn't have a PMP certification. This was a survey which had about 30,000 PMP professionals, and that they stated that that they had a mean salary which was 16.7% above their colleagues who didn't have a PMP certification. Hence, having a PMP certification not only gives you a safe job environment while you're working for the corporate, but also makes you stand out when it involves the monetary sides of the working.

how much can you make with a pmp certification

Six years back, only 29% of the HR managers were accepting the PMP certified professionals, but now, when a survey of the top HR managers of top MNC’s was conducted, it was revealed that 71% of the HR managers are more than happy to hire professionals for the role of project management. These surveys provide a real-life picture that depicts the expansion of project management as a profession, and the way with coming times, the expansion is increasing. Also, the worth of PMP increases over time, as an individual who has been a PMP professional for about 15 years, has seen a growth in their salary by almost 3.2x

Another survey by the PMI, Pulse of the profession, revealed that due to poor management practices more than $2.5 Million Dollars are wasted around the world each minute, across all the industries and all the sectors combined. The organization are conscious of this wastage that is happening under their noses, and are hence recruiting professionals who can help them lower the prices, bring in a simpler and efficient manner to manage the resources, and are happily willing to reward them for his or her efforts in bringing the general costs down, and this is often the rationale for the higher pay scales of PMP certified employees.

Hence, we can see that with the world moving forward, PMP is also progressing at a similar pace, and the reason for this is that PMP provides the gateway to success for the employees. One performs better than ones’ colleagues and one looks better in the eye of the upper management, hence one starts to climb the ladder of success. With all the data, surveys, and reports to back the claim that a person who has done a PMP certification gets a better pay and more job satisfaction, it is safe to say that a PMP certified professional makes more than that made by an uncertified employee.

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