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Do you want to become a PMP Consultant? Are you aware about what all does it take to become a PMP Consultant and the role of PMP consultant in detail? One of the functions that is becoming vital to all the businesses across the industries is Project Management. PMP consultants work to help financial, software, pharmaceutical, biotech, information technology and other firms which succeed by streamlining projects in order to meet the objectives and grow organizational profitability. Project Management Institute’s (PMI) registered consultant program focuses on developing project management consultants to meet the needs of the clients.

What is PMP consultancy?

Project Management consultancy provides consulting services to companies if they lack or need impartial party which has expertise in project management. The PMP consultancy does not have involvement in the project lifecycle directly, the PMP consultants advise external businesses about trending and best industry practices. As per PMI’s “Pulse of the Profession” – 2018 survey, this approach of companies hiring PMP consultancies is growing seemingly as the number of organizations which outsource or take contract project services are increasing to a great extent.

What is the role of PMP Consultants ?

PMP Consultants bring their knowledge and specialized skills to assist companies to make the best possible business decisions. They basically provide oversight and leadership advises in executing projects from planning to completion. Their daily tasks include managing budget, relationships and resources to achieve organizational missions and objectives, as well as planning, developing, testing and executing schedules to make sure the projects are completed within time. These PMP consultants often define and keep a check on each project team member’s function and role. They also coordinate each and every team activity throughout the life of the project.

Their additional duties may include identification, management of project risks and also developing the solutions for the same. During the execution phase of the project, a PMP consultant would analyse data and identify ongoing trends and inefficiencies in order to prevent the problems from arising. Their common functions also include providing roadmaps and periodic recommendations to the senior management of the firm, as in creation and implementation of contingency and mitigation plans. The other tasks that a PMP consultant is required to handle can include:

  • Facilitating the meetings
  • Building positive relationships with management, clients and vendors
  • Tracking data collection and documentation
  • Presentation creation
  • Conducting follow up studies on various projects

Attributes of a PMP consultant

As per PMI, the four attributes that a PMP consultant must have in order to be successful are:

  • One should have a strong foundation in project management or be a subject matter expert (SME) in a specific area of project management, like a PMP or PMI- RMP.
  • One should have demonstrated his/ her experience of application of best practices of project management in practical situations.
  • One should be able to genuinely manage customer relationship, this includes understanding the problems of clients, giving recommendations and implementing solutions to those problems.
  • One should be able to establish creditability.

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Few additional attributes that a PMP consultant should possess are:

  • Confident: the PMP consultant should be able to use the above mentioned four attributes successfully to deliver value to client, continuously, and also be willing to assess and work on his or her skills to improve performance.
  • Proactive: constantly assessing the business objectives of clients for potential impacts. By establishing relations with clients, the PMP consultant should be able to identify potential pain points of client and prepare possible solutions.
  • Innovative: the PMP consultant should be able to implement proven practices and by making slight changes, be able to address client’s problems. Effective and efficient use of common tools and techniques should be done to meet unique needs of client.

Difference between PMP consultant and a Project Manager

Let’s understand that both the professionals need help of each other throughout the project. The project managers tend to supervise every aspect which goes into execution of a project which include money, resources, time, and material. They have to balance all of these elements to achieve all the objectives by removing all the obstacles and hurdles that come in their way. The PMP consultants help the project managers in understanding the specific limitations of each factor and make sure that they use proper strategies throughout the project, from beginning till the end.

According to a PMI salary survey of 2017, PMP consultants in the US were paid an average salary of 1,15,000 USD. The lower quarter received 90,000 USD and the upper quarter received 1,40,000 USD. Salary is one aspect of every job that no one neglects which depends on various parameters such as educational qualifications, work experience, market conditions, team and company size, etc. To become a PMP consultant apart from graduate degree one would require a PMP certificate which certifies that you have excelling knowledge about project management. This would help you if you want to work as a PMP consultant as PMP gives an extra edge to the PMP certified employees because of its prestige and demand in the project management field and in the entire world. So going for PMP before going in for project management consultancy would be a wise choice.

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