Is Scrum Master a good job ?

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What is Scrum?

Scrum is an Agile technologies framework which is used for developing, producing and maintaining complex products and have an initial emphasis on software development. Despite the emphasis on software development, Scrum has been used areas such as research, sales, marketing and advanced technologies. In layman’s terms, Scrum is basically a framework that helps teams work together and learn from experiences, be creative and self-organized while working on a complex problem, assess the successes and learn from mistakes in order to keep improving continuously.

Who is a Scrum Master?

Now the question arises that who are Scrum masters. The Scrum Master is the person who is accountable and responsible for the Scrum team’s effectiveness. They do so by enabling the Scrum team to enhance, improve and evolve its practices within the frameworks of Scrum. Scrum masters are basically the true leaders who lead the Scrum team and serve the larger organization as a whole. Generally, Project managers and product managers are the most natural candidates for becoming Scrum Masters. People from different backgrounds such as Software developers, software testers, data scientist etcetera can become Scrum masters if they want to. If a person has the skills, competencies and characteristics of a Scrum Master then he can become a Scrum Master irrespective of his or her background.

Responsibilities of a Scrum Master

The responsibilities of a Scrum Master are-

  • To lead and coach the organization in its Scrum Adoption.
  • To plan the implementation of Scrum within the organization.
  • To increase understanding of Scrum and product development among employees and stakeholders.
  • To make changes that would lead to increase in productivity of the Scrum team.
  • To increase the effectiveness of Scrum in the organization.

Scrum Master Job description

At a closer glimpse, the roles and responsibilities of A Scrum Master differ depending on which team members they are working with-

  • At the organizational level, the Scrum master is responsible for creating a development environment which is safe, creative, productive and supportive and also enables multi directional collaboration.
  • At the product owner level, the Scrum master’s role is to facilitate planning and to help the product owners to understand and implement Scrum techniques, practices and frameworks.
  • At the team level, the Scrum Master acts as a guide, coach, supporter and facilitator and it is his or her job to remove any obstacles that the team might face during the project.
  • At the individual level, the Scrum master provides support to individual efforts, deals with any problems that might come up and removes any obstacles that the individuals might encounter and helps them remain focused and productive.

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Scrum Master jobs

Now, you might wonder about what kind of jobs opportunities can one expect after becoming a Scrum master. As Scrum can be applied to any given organization, Scrum masters are high in demand as employers and stakeholders want to finish their projects faster, more effectively and more efficiently so that the products can reach the market faster. According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, the job openings for Scrum Masters have grown at 104% every year since 2016 and career advancement score of Scrum Master was 8 out of 10. These results were based upon potential career advancement, job growth and salary. According to a research conducted by US Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2018, the demand for certified Scrum Masters had grown by 24%. LinkedIn identified Scrum Master as “one of the most promising jobs of 2020”. Moreover, the Product Management Offices and Product Development Departments within many organizations have a great demand for Scrum Masters so as to streamline their software development processes.

Scrum Master Salary

The next question that a person might have is how much does a Scrum Master earn. According to a research conducted by Project Management Institute, PMI,

  • Scrum Masters with no experience earn at an average of $110,000 in US, 0.95 Million rupees in India and 79 Thousand Pounds in UK.
  • Scrum Masters with 1 to 5 years of experience have an average annual salary of $142,886 in US, 1.2 Million rupees in India and 103 Thousand Pounds in UK
  • Scrum Masters with 6 or more years of experience have an average annual salary of $149,000 in US, 1.55 Million rupees in India and 107 Thousand Pounds in UK.

Scrum Master Certifications

There are various certifications for becoming a Scrum Master. Some of them are-

  • Scrum Master Certified (SMC)- Scrum Master Certified individuals act as the leaders and help the rest of the Scrum team to work together and teach them the Scrum framework and practices.
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)- Certified Scrum Product Owner individuals concentrate on the business side of the project and are tasked with getting the product out in the market and satisfy all the stakeholders
  • Certified Scrum Developer (CSD)- Certified Scrum Developer individuals teach the agile practices required in the project within the frameworks of Scrum.

Conclusion to the Topic: Is Scrum Master A Good Job?

To conclude we can safely say that being a Scrum Master is a pretty good job. The employment opportunities are great, the salaries are high and most importantly the work is exciting and challenging but in order to become a Scrum Master one has to complete the above-mentioned certifications and the best institute to train to become a Scrum Master is Learning Mudra as it provides the best Scrum Master Certified (SMC) training.

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