Are Scrum Masters Project Managers ?

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Do you know what a Scrum Master does? What are the contrasts between a Scrum Master and Project Manager? Isn't a Scrum Master some sort of an Agile Project Manager? These are some of the inquiries we frequently get from individuals regarding Scrum Master. Before we jump into an outline of the contrasts between a Scrum Master and a Project Manager, we should begin with the end, which is: The Scrum Master is certainly not an Agile Project Manager. There is practically no comparison between the part of Scrum Master and the situation of Project Manager. Thus, in the event to have a better idea let us go through what are the nuances like in Scrum Master and how it is like a Project Manager.

What is a Scrum Master?

The key duty for the Scrum Master Job is to deal with the (execution of) the Scrum Framework, by advancing and supporting Scrum as characterized in the Scrum Guide. The Scrum Master is responsible for assisting individuals with comprehension and sanctioning Scrum hypothesis, practices, rules and qualities. The Scrum Master is a worker chief for the Scrum Team who helps the Scrum Team and its current circumstances to team up and interface, to expand the worth conveyed by the Scrum Team. The Scrum Master is responsible for the Scrum Team's adequacy. They do this by empowering the Scrum Team to improve its practices, inside the Scrum system.

Are Scrum Masters Project Managers?

A Project Manager is somebody that has "… the obligation of the arranging, acquisition, and execution of a task, in any endeavour that has a characterized scope, characterized start and a characterized finish; paying little mind to industry."

The unmistakable contrast here is that project managers are answerable for the actual task, while Scrum Masters are responsible for setting up Scrum, and for the Scrum group's adequacy and not the venture! Certainly, Scrum doesn't discuss projects by any stretch of the imagination rather it is more qualified for item based work as opposed to project-based work. For better idea, there are two major certifications as of CSM and PSM (Certified/Professional Scrum Master) which an aspiring candidate can seek to.

Life of Project Managers

The Project Manager deals with a venture on an everyday basis and is the just one with this everyday spotlight on the task. Therefore, this job can never be shared. The Project Manager runs the undertaking for the benefit of the Project inside determined requirements and liaises all through the task with the Project Board and Project Assurance . They are liable for the entire cycles besides Directing a Project and Managing Product Delivery measure. PMP is a credential managed by Project Management Institute and is a globally recognized gold standard certification, sourced from the PMI This credential is earned after you clear the PMP exam conducted by the PMI institute.

PMP Certification Exam

There are 200 MCQs, which are needed to be answered in 4 hours with no booked break. Nonetheless, just 175 of the MCQs are scorable, and the excess 25 are pretest questions. Pretest questions do not influence your score, and they are just there to test the legitimacy of the inquiries for future tests. Nevertheless, you will not realize which questions are the pretest ones as they are haphazardly positioned all through the test. Sitting the test costs $405 for individuals and $555 for non-individuals, and to finish the test, you need to score 80.6% or above. Besides, the test is shut book, which implies no reference materials are permitted. For more information log on to PMI website

are scrum masters project managers

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Can a Project Manager be a Scrum Master?

Well there are some similarities as well as some differences.


  • Both the Scrum Master and Project Manager are liable for instructing the association and groups, to improve the viability and proficiency of the association and groups;
  • Both the Scrum Master and Project Manager are not responsible for the achievement or disappointment of the venture. In a Scrum setting, the Product Owner would be at last responsible for the Products' prosperity. In an undertaking setting, the Project Manager would be responsible for this.


  • The Project Manager makes, oversees and refreshes all types of documentation (Project Brief, PID, Budget, Risk log, Project Plan, Gantt diagram, and so on). The Scrum Master makes, oversees and refreshes no documentation by any means. Nothing.
  • The Project Manager has a necessities/content-related duty. The Scrum Master does not oversee work bundles, individuals, assets, materials or others.

Conclusion on the Topic: Are Scrum Masters Project Managers ?

Adding PMP certification into your resume is reliably a phenomenal idea, yet concerning picking between PMP and Scrum Master, there is no unchangeable answer. As both of them have their advantages and shortcomings, it should depend upon your future plans. One reason that numerous Scrum executions fizzle, or don't offer the most extreme potential benefits, is on the grounds that there is a ton of misconception about Scrum, and particularly Scrum Master jobs. If you need to focus on steady new development then becoming a Scrum Master is the answer. However, if you need a more standard technique that really consolidates different frameworks then PMP is the testament for you.

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