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Project Management Professional, PMP is the easiest way to get a good job in project management or increase your salary in your current company. The PMP certificate provides the assurance of your knowledge and competence in the field of project management to the employers, peers and stakeholders. In fact, many companies have started making the PMP a pre-requisite as it attests to the person’s experience, skill and expertise in the field of project management and is also time saving for the interviewer.

Advantage of PMP

You might also be wondering about what opportunities could you get after having completed PMP certification. Well, according to a research conducted by PMI, companies are going to need to fill more than 2.2 million roles in project management each year up till 2027. You could also be wondering what would be the salary after your PMP certification. Another research by PMI shows that, the median salary of a person with PMP certification is 25% more than the person without PMP Certification. In India the average salary of a person with the PMP certification is 1.7 million rupees annually. IN United States, the average salary is US$111,000 annually. In UK, the average annual salary of a person with PMP Certification is £60,000.

The reason that you should have a PMP degree is basically two-fold- Firstly, the PMP helps in gaining thorough knowledge of the technical aspects of Project management and hands-on use of this knowledge. Secondly, it is a great addition to the CV and can help in securing a high paying job or an increment in salary.

The best paying jobs that could be expected after PMP certification

Firstly, Engineering Project Management Professional. They are paid a salary within the range of 2 to 4 million rupees in India and about $124,000 in United States. This job involves working closely with engineers and the stakeholders to get the end product that the stakeholders want and successfully guiding the development and completion of a project in a specified time and using minimum number of resources. The engineering project manager must have extensive knowledge about the product they are overseeing and therefore previous experience in that particular field may be a pre-requisite.

Secondly, Aerospace Project Management Professional. They are also paid a salary within the range of 2 to 4 million rupees in India and about $129,732 in United States. This job involves working with aerospace engineers and designers and ensuring that new aircrafts and aero planes are delivered on time and within budget. The focus areas on this profession are risk control, risk management and quality control of the end products. The success the project means overseeing development of new aircrafts and aero planes development systems. The project manager needs to be always careful and vigilante as these kinds of project contain a lot of moving parts and the room for error is miniscule.

Thirdly, Pharmaceutical Project Management Professional. They are paid a salary within the range of 3 to 5 million rupees in India and about $133,000 in United States. Given the times of COVID, the pharmaceutical companies have made the most profits and no wonder that Pharmaceutical Project Management professionals are paid such high salaries. The pharmaceutical project managers work with doctors, researchers and engineers to that the research and development of new products stay within budget and on schedule. The success of the project would mean overseeing the development and creation of new medication for the treatment of diseases and various ailments. The biggest quality required in Pharmaceutical project manager is patience as pharmaceutical project management may move at a frustratingly slow pace and it is also important to ensure the compliance of the various safety and quality regulations.

Fourth, Consulting Project Manager Professional. They are paid within a salary range of 3 to 5 million rupees annually in India and $134,149 in United States. The consulting project manager has a diverse range of clientele. He may be working with environmental engineers one month while the next month he might be working with the sales managers. The goal of the Consulting Project Manager depends on the industry they are working in and it is on case-to-case basis. But in general, the goal is to provide the client with industry expertise and advance knowledge so that they can be successful in their project. The Consulting Project Manager need to have an understanding of a diverse set of knowledge and should be able to adapt themselves to all industries.

pmp certified jobs

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Fifth, Resources Project Manager Professional. They are paid within a salary range of 3 to 5 million rupees annually in India and $134,599 in United States. The resource project manager works in industries such as agriculture, mining and petroleum which extract and grow natural resources. The resources project managers work with farmers, mining companies and oil companies to make the processes of extracting and growing natural resources as efficient as possible, reducing wastage and eliminating communication gaps. The job involves overseeing the procurement of the resources and delivery of the final product to the stakeholders. The resource Project manager might be required to have background field in engineering in mining or agriculture.

Learning Mudra: The Best PMP Training Institute in India

But to avail all these jobs, the candidates need to first ace the difficult PMP exam and that requires planning and preparation. Learning Mudra is the best PMP Training Institute in India as it provides the best PMP training to the person by designing a course that prepares the person completely. The course designed by Learning Mudra prepares the candidate not only for acing the certification exam but also for delivering results in his/her company by using the techniques and guidelines learned during the course and applying them in real life. Learning Mudra provides ample practice to the candidate through 6 mock tests comprising 1200 questions and also provides end to end support via call, text and mail. Learning Mudra also teaches about the core management processes of Scope, Time and Cost as well as the five process groups established in PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition published by PMI Institute, the ten knowledge areas and the areas of professional and social responsibility.

Conclusion to the Topic: PMP Certified Jobs

To conclude, we can say that PMP is very important for getting a good job with high salary in the field of project management or to get a hike in salary in your existing company.

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