What is MBA PMP Salary?

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When a person earns the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential, he / she demonstrates that he / she has five to seven years relevant project management experience (The Project Management Institute (PMI) does a very good job of vetting PMP candidates thanks to its many eligibility criteria that needs to be fulfilled), and the basics of Project Management education. It also proves that the person can use his / her experience to solve the complex questions on the very difficult PMP exam to a level of excellence that enables him / her to pass the exam. It prepares the person to better lead projects in a global economy with other PMP’s all speaking the same project management language. It also gives his / her resume an added boost when looking for Project Management roles because while over twenty million people call themselves project managers, less than 5% carry this prestigious credential.

Salary Increment

According to the research conducted by Project Management Institute, the median salary of a person having the PMI certificate is 25% higher than those who do not have the PMI certificate in United States. A survey was conducted by taking 30,000 Project management officials as the sample size. The research reported that the annual compensation of 71% of the respondents had increased over a period of 12 months after they had acquired the PMP certificate from Project Management Institute. The compensation included bonus, salary and other benefits. Another report indicated that the average annual salary of Project Management Professionals had increased from $97,829 to $111,824 within a year of acquiring the PMP certificate provided by the Project Management Institute. According to the PMI Project Management Survey 7th Edition, a Project Management Professional with a PMP Certificate gets accredited with a scope of earning a six-figure salary in the United States.

Benefits of PMP with MBA

The value of a PMP certificate from PMI in Project Management is incomparable and is the way to increase your salary or get a new job with a greater salary. The job of a project manager is a medium level job. But if a person who has done an MBA and has also completed PMP course and achieved a PMP certificate then he can definitely get an executive position in his / her company. The average salary for a Project manager in India with a PMP is 1.7 million rupees which increases to 2.4 million rupees if the person also has an MBA.

The PMP certification in itself also opens up new avenues. The PMP certificate is a great addition to the CV of a person and makes him eligible for quicker promotion or greater employment opportunities. According to a research conducted by PMI, 2.2 million new roles are going to be needed to be filled in project management in top companies each year until 2027. In India, the PMP certificate is valued by companies as an indicator of the person’s knowledge and experience in the field of project management. It adds value to their chances of employment and promotion. In fact, many organizations in India are making PMP certification a requisite and a filter criterion for the roles in Project Management. And if he has an MBA as well, that means that the candidate not only possess the experience of Project Management but is also trained in leadership and other factors of management.

Also, the rate of return is also pretty good for both PMP and MBA. The costs of PMP include the cost of PMBOK Guide 6 th edition 2016, cost of PMI membership, exam cost for members is US$405 and non-members is US$555. The cost of MBA from a reputed college would be around 12 to 20 lakh rupees. But the job opportunities and the salaries offered after these courses are really worth the investment made.

what is mba pmp salary

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After completing his / her MBA, a person should get a minimum experience of 36 months leading projects and then enroll for the best PMP course in the country from the top PMP Training Institute in India, Learning Mudra. Learning Mudra provides the best PMP education as they focus on teaching all the basics, technicalities, key words, definitions, guidelines and frameworks of Project Management. Learning Mudra emphasizes on the teaching of the PMBOK Guide thoroughly and provides ample practice to the candidate through 6 mock tests containing 1200 questions. Learning Mudra also provides end to end support through phone, mail and text.

Conclusion to the Topic: What is MBA PMP salary ?

To conclude, it is not a question of whether a person should do MBA or PMP. The question is when should he do MBA and PMP because both MBA and the PMP Education play a pivotal role in the growth of your career. It is all about timing your courses, getting prepared and seizing the opportunity whenever it arrives. The PMP requires you to have a job experience of at least 36 months so you should first gain some experience before preparing for PMP exam and complete your MBA in the meantime. Once you have completed your MBA and gained the minimum amount of experience required, you can enroll for the PMP course from the best PMP Training Institute in India, Learning Mudra which will prepare you thoroughly for the exam and make sure that you ace the exam with flying colors and post that you can get a raise in your salary or even compete for executive positions in your company.

The average annual salary for various executive job roles in Project management with the PMP Certification as well as MBA in India is as follows-

Profession Salary
Information Technology Director 4 Mn
Vice President Information Technology 4 Mn
Vice President General Manager 3 Mn
Chief Executive Officer 4 Mn
Director of Operations 3 Mn
Senior Program Manager Information Technology 3 Mn
Vice President Operations 4 Mn
Chief Technology Officer 4 Mn
Chief Information Officer 4 Mn
Assistant Vice President, Regional Director 3 Mn
Senior Program Manager, Software Applications 3 Mn
Director of Engineering 4 Mn
Chief Operating Officer 4 Mn
Executive Director 3 Mn

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