What type of project managers make the most money?

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It’s easy to assume that if you have landed on this article, than either you seek project management as a career path or you are already a professional in the concerned domain. It also implies that your enthusiasm and interest is in communication, effective organization, leadership and above all management of projects. Considering the lucrative incentives, both intellectually and monetary, arising out of project management as a carrier, without hesitation you made a right choice. Henceforth, the PMP certification could add an extra cherry on the top and could potentially provide you with the salary increase of 25% and more.

However, the bigger question is, which industry you want to choose to build upon your carrier. Most significantly, if you find that your interests and skills don't fit into any one industry, but simultaneously fit into more than one. Or you are just curious about the potential pay role of PMP certified professionals. If you find yourself gripped with these questions, that you are at the right place to seek the answers. Through this article, we will know about the PMP certified professionals and why they attract highest pay in the market. Alongside, we will also look at the average salary received by the PMP certified professionals why they have a professional edge from other non-certified professionals to get higher salaries.

PMP certification and its role in pay scales

According to a survey conducted by the Project Management Institute involving around 9000 managers in the year 2019, the average salary of professionals who doesn't have PMP certification was $100,246 annually. This data is obviously promising and encouraging, but with the case of managers with PMP certification, the salary shoots up by almost 23% to become $123,313 annually. This implies that the PMP certification is a potent tool and qualification for professionals who seek more money in their respective fields.

According to the Project Management Institute, in order to become an ideal candidate for the certification on PMP, the crucial prerequisites for managers are responsibility for delivery of projects, leadership and direction for multi-functioning teams. If you are involved in all these activities in your professional life, then PMP certification is the right choice for you to move ahead in your carrier. These comprehensive and overarching skills and knowledge make you the ideal candidate to add extra qualification to your name and become recipient of higher financial incentives.

Experience and its relations with money

Experience in any field is directly proportional to the pay grade of an employee. People who have higher experience with big organizations tend to attract more employers and high salary packages. Therefore, building your profile becomes a crucial stepping stone towards what can be a mature and well experienced career. However, the problems come when you are relatively new to the project management field and you are rejected or paid less owing to your lack of experience. Sometimes, even when you have more to offer than people who have more experience on paper than you, your selection or even promotion is back pushed because apparently you are not good in your resume.

This early lacuna in your carrier can be filled by the PMP certification which could add extra value to your credentials. It charters a path for you by making you a distinct candidate from others for any job and also helps you beyond in your carrier as you are considered as a professional with extra complimentary skills and knowledge. This is not to say that holding just a PMP certification will give you a one key for all pathways to success, but it will at least provide with you an opportunity to compete in market place which is so obsessed with experience and expertise.

what type of project managers make the most money

Thinking beyond salary

Sometime chasing salary becomes counterproductive in the sense that it takes you away from excellence, knowledge and crucial learnings. Although salary is the major compensation you expect from an organization, but being a project managers, salary is not the only incentive you can derive out of your job. Sometimes, your capacity to absorb skills and knowledge supersede any amount of monetary compensation. Therefore, individuals who are PMP certified are more receptive with their approach towards their work and measure the incentives not just in financial terms, but also through acknowledge the personal growth and hence are more satisfied with their jobs.

Alongside, the expertise of a PMP certified professionals also equip them with the ability to self asses the value of their own work. This not only allows them to improve themselves, but also gives them confidence and determination to negotiate better pay scale from their employers. People who are aware of their worth and the extra skill and knowledge they bring to the table for the organization, always tend to receive more salaries. Therefore, the PMP certification imparts professionals with those imperatives of knowledge and skills with the help of PMBOK guide which build their confidence and enhance their monetary value in the market.


Salary is a big part of consideration while choosing a carrier path or an organization to work with, sometimes becoming the primary reason for the same. But the pursuit of money is not an easy road, as more salary means more ability and capacity to provide something extra to an organization. Therefore, building upon that extra is the crucial step in your carrier. Hence, PMP certification provide you with that opportunity to increase your worth in the market and make yourself financially able to live your dream life.

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