Is PMP worth it in Canada?

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Project management professional training, or PMP training, is a globally recognised designation for professionals who choose to work in the field of project management. It is supported by the PMI, a non-profit project management organisation. With over a million members worldwide, the PMP Institute is the global leader in developing project management professionals.A valid certification in project management demonstrates that a person is focussed about working in the project management field, and with the growing demand in this field, a certified course will show others that you know what you're doing.

With the world becoming more and more digital, the physical boundaries and distances are just becoming theoretical, with no actual impact on the workings of the professionals. So, it doesn’t matter from where you have studied, or where you are putting up, as long as you have the right skills and the right portfolio for a particular job, you can secure it. Some professions are uniform, and have no discrepancy in their workings throughout the world. With a uniform structure and method, it doesn’t matter in what part of the world you are in, if you have a PMP certification, then you would be welcomed with open arms.

The advantages of a PMP certification

A top PMP certification credential opens the door to a career in project management, qualifies us to contribute to the growth of the business in which we operate, and significantly contributes to our own personal growth. Even when the monetary benefits of a PMP certification are considered, they do exist very comfortably, as a PMP certified employee from a certified PMP certification institute earns a higher median salary than an employee who does not have a PMP certification, even when both of them work in the same job position in the business.

Some people may be concerned that obtaining a PMP certification in the present would only be valid for their current job position or business. However, this is not the case for PMP, since it applies a method that standardises working procedure across all of the company's departments, allowing all of the company's departments to have a consistent approach to the working procedure. In reality, a top PMP certification training ensures that the certification retains its value even if you change jobs later on, as it standardises working standards across various companies.

Another benefit of a PMP qualification training is that it connects you to a global network of practitioners who have worked in the project management industry for many years and have seen how it has grown. With such a large network at their disposal, a candidate is sure to pick up new skills that will benefit them in the future. Furthermore, a top PMP certification aids us in achieving our task of managing a project independently, since project management is a role where we are solely responsible for the success or failure of our project.

With a plethora of advantages of PMP as mentioned above, it becomes one of the most attractive opportunity out there in the business world, worldwide. It would not matter if you are in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, or any other part of the world, because PMP holds the value at each place. As each country has companies that are working there, and those companies are working on some projects, so they always need people who can lead their projects and deliver a high success rate of the projects, so a PMP certification holder is always in demand, no matter what the place is.


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If you take the example of Canada, there also PMP holds a great value, as Canada is such a big Nation, so there would be so many projects that would be going on for various sectors, including IT, aviation, construction, pharmaceutical or any other sector. These companies have project started going on and they would require people to manage these projects, and hence the companies look for people who are qualified enough to manage those big scale projects,as a lot is at stake, including the reputation of the company, the monetary cost that is involved or the stakeholders that are involved in any project.

Apart from all this, PMP is relevant in both the sectors, the pubic and the private sector. As mentioned above, the private sector has various projects for which they require trained PMP employees. But the public sector also has various large-scale projects, which has a lot at stake, and the government wants the project to be delivered with a high success rate, while taking care of the given budget, hence they also need qualified project managers who can take care of this. So, with a PMP certification, you can even switch to public sector after years of work in the private domain.

So, yes, a PMP certification in Canada holds equal value as anywhere else in the world. With a PMP, you can get better job satisfaction, a better increment, and better performance reviews, so yes, a PMP certification is a winning bet for any candidate who wishes to enter the domain of project management.One of the main reasons why businesses search for workers with a PMP credential is because it reflects well on their company's name that they have a team of employees who are knowledgeable about the industry's workings and advancements, and that their employees are important to today's work.

Conclusion to the Topic: Is PMP worth it in Canada?

To summarise, the PMP certification in Canada has the same value as a certification earned anywhere else in the world, and it will help you excel in your professional life, achieve higher job satisfaction, and gain more appreciation for your work and independent project for which only you are responsible. A PMP qualification training will also prepare you for the future, as its course is relevant and applicable in today's world, as it is updated with every advancement in the field of project management, whether in theory or technique, and you will get ample opportunities to prove the same through the work that you do.

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