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PMP or Project Management Professional certification is the world’s most trusted certification on project management that provides a clear insight into the operational capabilities of a professional with relation to the global benchmarks. The certificate also signifies that the individual not only has the theoretical knowhow of the best practices that are being followedworldwide but also has the practical capabilities to implement the international industry in real life under high pressure conditions. Once an eligible candidate starts preparing for the certification, they need to focus on a wide array of issues relevant to project management from the global perspective.

They need to ensure that they are keeping abreast with the latest advances in the field that are expected to affect the execution of projects in the years to come. The preparation needs to focus on the high priority topics that are likely to come in order to be able to clear the exam with the least amount of effort. They must also at the same time ensure that they are able to go forward with the confidence to face the industry relevant issues that may come as a part of the questions as well as the real-life problems they may encounter in the future.

A professional who has cleared the exam is expected to be proficient in identifying the major stake holders of the project in a rapid manner. This is done in order to determine the scope of the project with the goal to empower the various participants to execute their functions smoothly. At the same time this also empowers them to anticipate the challenges and adverse conditions, that they are likely to come face to face in the future. This helps them to plan ahead to deal with these challenges effectively in a timely manner.

what is pmp

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They are also expected to be able to build teams rapidly in an agile manner that are able to adapt to the ever-changing scenarios that emerge intelligently while ensuring deliverables are being met as per the scope defined in the project. At the same time considering the significant impact that the external environment has on the business processes the recent case in point being the Covid-19 pandemic, a continuous monitoring of external environment needs to be done in order to get ahead of the issues that may arise as a result of extenuating circumstances.

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Finally, once they have earned their certification, they need to perform an iterative process to continually educate themselves on the cutting-edge advances being made in the domain so as to effectively deliver value to the various stakeholders of the project. This is done by means of Professional Development Units or PDUs which require them to earn a certain amount of PDUs in a three-year period to ensure that they renew their certification with PMI as a part of Continuing Certification Requirements or CCR program.

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