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The Project Management Institute (PMI) manages the certification process from start to finish related to project management. Its headquarters are in Newtown Square of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. PMI founded by five volunteers in 1969, has published a standards related to project management skills and manages multiple certification levels. The levels of the certification include Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), PMP (project management professional), Project Management Professional (PgMP), and the latter being more advanced. As of 2020, with 600000+memberships, active PMP certified individual’s of1036367, and 314 charted chapters in 214 countries across the worldwide.

The certification process includes both people who will go for the first time and professionals who need to renew their certification that expires every three years. This experience and education are measured in Professional Development Units (PDU’s). The PDU points can be earned by various teaching classes or classes focused on the PM discipline. The PMI is a “not for profit organization” established for betterment of PM discipline. It charges fees to various activities related to acquiring and maintaining the certification, including membership fees, materials revenue, class fees, certification fees, and more. However, as mentioned above the instructors for various classes are volunteers who have paid PDU’s. So this free workforce enables PMI to enjoy significant and continuous income with minimal expenses.

The PMI certification will help professionals obtain a job since many organizations seek to hire certified employees in their respective fields and also help you improve your skills. Businesses are looking for certifications amongst the existing employees and new employees they are going to hire. The certification test is tough, and there will be only one answer to each of the multiple choice questions during the trial. Since it is a difficult exam to crack, Exam training is needed to be prepared. As we all know that “practice makes perfect” individuals have to practice to do well in the actual test. Students can take classes through online mode, training from certified individuals, and courses personally.

project management institution

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PMI publishes a guide PMBOK which helps students understand key PMP concepts and knowledge related to project management. Also helps in learning the core source of information for any project manager. This course allows professionals to boost their careers. According to recent studies, a PMP certified manager has a 20 percent higher than the employees without this certification in the same firm. The PMP certificate speaks volumes about your skills, commitment to the profession, and code of ethics in managing the project. While you are on the PMP certification path, you will meet other professionals who have the same goal and are already certified. These contacts help students in finding a suitable, better job. PMI certification not only convinces others to trust you but also helps you gain knowledge and trust that you build in yourself.

PMI maintains comprehensive tools, training, and journals on its learning page. Topics / subjects like agile practices, sustainability, estimation, risk management, governance and portfolio, and requirements management. Practitioners looking for certification can find a detailed list of approved programs at the Global Accreditation Centers (GAC) webpage. The institution will update the list of Registered Education Providers (REPs) to help practitioners looking for courses and earn PDUs in project management training. In addition to education-related resources, PMI also offers leadership topics such as Portfolio, talent, publications, and benefits realization. The organization provides more than 1,000 tools and templates for presentations for project planning in project management.

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PMI has a very distinction in the industry for its certifications, which includes 8 different fields and respective requirements to qualify to give that particular exam. It is a perfect platform for providing certifications, educational resources, and career training for project management professionals. This organization also maintains research programs and journals in advance , has scientific and practical abilities to keep a high standard of ethics. So personnel who are interested in the field of project management, it is very likely they would first come across PMI for its global recognition and having huge memberships.

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