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Many a times PMP aspirants feel confident and comfortable after reading the study material and when the time comes to answer the questions during exam , they go blank and have no clue about what the right answer can be. If you too feel this way while answering questions during exams, then you are not alone. Project Management Institute (PMI) has its own unique way of wording the exam questions and the only way to prepare for them is to do as many practice questions as possible before your exam.

Before you learn how to answer the questions, here are few ways as per PMI that you can choose to follow while preparing for PMP Certification exam :

  • Create a mission statement that motivates you.
  • Go through sample papers and get idea on what to prepare in how much time.
  • Create a course of action keeping in mind how to cover the entire syllabus within time.
  • Don’t forget to study from PMBOK Guide and other PMI recommended books.
  • Join PMI group on LinkedIn for posting questions and seeking professionals’ advice.

Tips to tackle PMP Certification Exam questions

1. Understand the type of questions

This PMP exam is not easy to crack as PMI uses different question styles to puzzle the candidate, this is their way to test your project management knowledge. The question include:

  • Direct and short questions
  • Lengthy questions of about 3 or more lines.
  • Situation based questions, mentioning current situation and asking for the next step.
  • Formula based questions.
  • ITTOquestions – inputs, tools and techniques and outputs of project management processes.

2. Read all the questions carefully

You should feel that reading the questions carefully is the most prioritized duty of yours. Try looking for keywords that would impact your decision making process while selecting the correct answer. For example,

  • Best
  • Most likely
  • Least likely
  • Not
  • Except

These keywords won’t be highlighted in your actual question paper but you will have to look out for them but reading the question twice or thrice.

3. For lengthy questions, firstly read the last sentence and the options available.

The most tiring part of the question paper is the length of questions which span more than 3 lines for most of the questions. Many a times the length of the question itself drains our energy. For such questions the best course of action is to firstly read the last line of the question and the options that are given to you. Once you know what is there in options and then you start reading the entire question you will be able to figure out better that which option would be most appropriate answer for the question.

4. For situational questions, choose the best option out of all correct answers

Apart from being lengthy situational questions are the trickiest questions of the entire question paper. These are the type of questions where you will be given a problematic situation and would be expected to select the answer which you feel can deal with the situation. The confusing part is that there is no right or wrong answer for these questions. Your answer selection should be done on the basis of the best next course of action for the given situation, the first thing you would do and the best response you feel like.

5. For formula questions, there’s only one technique- use correct formula

The best and worst part of formula based questions is the only correct formula, if you remember it along with its application then the score is yours or else better luck next time. Most of the PMP trainers will recommend you to utilize the first 10 minutes of your exam to jot down the formulae on the rough sheet provided to you. Some people feels that formula based questions are the most difficult but for these types of questions also you need to read the question carefully and understand which formula to use in which question.

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6. Logical analysis can help in getting correct answer for ITTO questions

Once you start practicing ITTO questions or if you have already practiced a few of them then you will realise that there is a positive relationship between ITTO questions and logic. You cannot memorize all ITTO questions which means that you need to do logical analysis while attempting this type of questions. You need to build relationship between ITTO and the project management processes to find your way towards correct answer. Hence, to answer ITTO questions you need to practice a lot of questions and understand how to implement the logic while selecting the answer.

So now you know that to crack this exam you require to practice lots of mock papers, memorize the formulae by your heart, read the questions carefully and while reading search for keywords which would lead you to correct answer. Answering PMP exam questions is also a type of science where you would require to utilize the best of your time and search for the best alternative as the right answer. And you know it very well that if nothing works then we can guess which may get us score but won’t take anything away from us.

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