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Each day you get to know about the innovations happening around you. To survive in this era, one must keep themselves up-to-date. All those candidates are looking for a career in project management, they must stay updated and learn relevant skills which will help them to stay ahead of the crowd. Competition is also growing with innovations. In this dynamic corporate world, candidates who have to survive in the field of project management must opt for PMP certification. The candidates can get this certification by passing the PMP exam. 

The PMP Exam

The candidates have to pass the PMP exam to get the PMP certification. 


This domain assesses a candidate's ability to lead a project team and accounts for 42% of the exam. Some examples of tasks that are evaluated are as follows:

  • Organizing and leading a team
  • Conflict resolution
  • Ensure that your team has received adequate training


The stage in the process is where professionals evaluate the technical aspects of project management, and it accounts for half (50%) of the weight of the entire exam. The PMP exam includes several process tasks, such as:

  • Budget and resource management and planning
  • Project planning activities should be integrated
  • Project Change Management

Business Environment

This domain, which is incredibly small (8 percent) in comparison to the others, assesses a project manager's ability to follow organisational rules. The following is an example of a task:

  • Project compliance planning and management
  • Assessing the project's benefits and worth
  • Assisting with changes in organisations

Finding Right Institute

Learning Mudra’s PMP training course in India gives you authority to enter any field and authenticate you with practically applied knowledge in many industries be it from the water supply to protection to mobile services, education, healthcare, apart from that even public transportation. The Industries prefer the certified candidates to work on a project on IT-based or non-IT based, PMP course in India makes you expert to work on these projects and take the responsibility and give positive results. After this course, you will get all the opportunities in the field of project management.

Criteria to take PMP Exam

The candidates can earn the PMP certification after passing the PMP exam. There are certain prerequisites you have to fulfill before sitting in the exam. The candidate has a 4-year degree 36 months of experience in leading projects and 35 hours of project management training. If they don't have a 4-year degree then they should have a secondary degree that is equivalent to a high school diploma or an associate degree they should also have 60 months of experience in leading projects and 35 hours of project management training.

what is pmp exam

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Benefits of taking the PMP Exam

The quality of course must provide the employee benefits of their skills to the employers. By recruiting the employees who have this certification and the desirable skills employers make the consumer assure their reliability to them. The PMP certification gives you preference at the time of entering a company. As the company needs those employees who are highly skilled and who know how to handle a project. According to a survey conducted by PMI, show employees with the certification get 25% more salaries as compared to those who do not have this certification. The course enhances employee's skills of communication, problem-solving, innovations, and creativity so that the firm works in a less risky environment. After knowing the benefits of taking the PMP exam, now you're sure that this certification is very vital for people seeing themselves in the field of project management.

PMP Exam Study Material

Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) is the uniform book made for the study material. PMBOK is like a holy grail when it comes to PMP certification examinations, it covers the vast basic concepts of project management. The candidates who want to clear the PMP exam in the first go must read the PMBOK. It is the right study material to prepare for the PMP exam. As the exam includes 200 multiple choice questions and the questions are based on the PMBOK itself. PMBOK covers all the known practices including new emerging techniques that can be applied by professionals if it fits the situation. PMBOK has been in existence for close to 35 years now and helps in clearing the PMP exam. PMBOK still acts as the standard by which PMP examination is conducted. Can I Pass PMP Without Reading PMBOK ?

It is possible to Crack the exam on the first attempt

The PMP is an international and reputed certification in the field of project management. So, it makes sense that why the standard of the exam is high. After fulfilling all the prerequisites to sit for the exam. Further, more questions arise in the candidate's mind basic questions about the exam, its syllabus. It is okay to have questions, but you must clarify them.

Conclusion to the Topic: What is PMP Exam ?

To conclude, PMP Certification is valuable in every aspect as it gives advantages over the actual ones. PMI certification is a valuable and rich course that will add up to your skills. In the same way, the PMP exam is vital to get this certification. The exam concludes with different types of questions related to five domains. The training is of utmost importance in order to secure a high-paying job in Project management. Choosing the right institute is of vital importance as it affects the training, and it will affect your results, so be aware of which institute you choose. At Learning Mudra, the candidates are taught in such a manner that helps them not only in the course but throughout their life. It helps them to apply the learned theoretical knowledge and learn the application of the practical knowledge in the right situation. It also gives exposure to the Board of Directors, and several opportunities to demonstrate their value through the route of demanding efforts. As there are trends, strategies, and innovations happening continuously.

The job of project management is unique and does their job just like others repeat the work daily.

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