Can I do PMP without experience?

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A lot of people who want to pursue PMP certification owing to its popularity and demand in the job market, enquire about the eligibility conditions. The next major query that usually arises is the professional experience required to be considered eligible in order to apply for the exam. A large number of those seeking to enhance their skills by doing PMP training courses in order to stand out in the job market tend to be freshers. Thus, they ask if it’s possible to be PMP certified without having experience. There is only one answer to that question, and it is “NO”.

The reason - why you can't do PMP without experience!

It is not possible to gain the PMP certification without having the requisite professional experience. This is because PMI or Project Management Institute, which is the regulating authority of PMP certification, recognizes the importance of practical experience. An individual requires real-world reference experiences in order to connect their learnings in the course to their actual application in project management. This cannot be done by simply studying the course material just as it is impossible to learn swimming by reading books similarly understanding and applying principles of project management require first-hand experience of the relevant domain.

Importance of experience while appearing for PMP

First-hand experience allows a person to absorb the necessary nuances of project management from their study material faster and in an intelligent manner leading to better learning. After they have had the necessary professional experience, they can also recognize the common pitfalls associated with various processes. The awareness of where to apply their learning provides a necessary safety cushion in the learning process. PMP certification itself derives a large amount of credibility from the professional experience requirements of the candidates. This further adds to the weight of the certification as the certified professionals have a positive track-record.

Having a positive track record increases the credibility of the professional in front of potential employers and adds weight to their views and assertions. After they have gone the course they can clearly communicate as to how they can integrate into the existing process to produce the maximum increase in the value stream. This allows the employers to make a realistic assessment of the cost and benefits of hiring of individuals who have already completed the PMP certification. The presence of the means to quantitatively evaluate a professional’s impact on project management adds to their chances of getting hired.

What if one doesn’t have experience?

Now there is also good news for people who lack the requisite professional experience that is mandatory for getting the certification but are serious about getting them. They can now apply for the Certified Associate in Project Management or CAPM which is offered by PMI in order to make their profile stand out from others. This will also allow them to apply for project management roles wherein they can build up their real-world experience. This is so that they can be better prepared for the PMP certification that they wish to do in the future as they have gained the relevant project management experience.

The prerequisites for CAPM are having a high school diploma and at least twenty-three contact hours of project management education before they take the plunge and apply for the exam. The fees required for the CAPM are two hundred twenty-five USD for a member and three hundred USD for a non-member of PMI. Once they have applied for the exam and have cleared it, they can easily build up their resume to be able to serve the roles in project management. After they finish their professional requirements as per their category of educational background they can register for the PMP certification exam.

can i do pmp without experience

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Prerequisites for PMP

The professional requirements for the exam become diferent as well depending on their level of education. If they only have formal education till high-school then they need to have at least sixty months of professional experience in leading projects before they can register for any certified training institute and get ready for the exams. This is followed by rigorous training in the best benchmark practices in project management by the leading PMP training course in order to get the candidates ready for PMP certification. If they don’t have the CAPM certification then they need to have at least thirty-five hours of project management education.

For the candidates who already have a four-year college degree, the amount of time in professional experience that is required in leading projects is reduced to thirty-six months. Once they have ensured that this criterion is fulfilled, they can then join the training institute of their choice so that they are fully prepared and fulfill all the conditions required to be awarded the PMP certification. PMP is widely known to open the doors to better career opportunities across the globe and increased credibility, thus it’s imperative that the professionals avoid wasting their precious time and apply for PMP certification immediately once they are eligible for the same.

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