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PMP training or the project management professional training happens to be a worldwide acclaimed designation for professionals who wish to find themselves working in the domain of project management. PMI, the universal body that oversees the certification of PMP, is a non-profit organization for project management. PMP Institute is known as the world leader in producing project management professionals, with over 6,000,000 active members present across the planet. Knowledgeable degree in project management shows that one is sincere about working and making their name in the field of project management.

Advantages of PMP

A top PMP training gives us the opportunity to increase our skills and pay scales as compared to acquaintances who haven't done a PMP course. A licensed PMP individual can contribute as an employee to any company, at any location in the world, and holds the potential to earn about one fourth more compared to the people that don’t have a PMP certification. A PMP training can help the individuals own and be liable for the success or the failure of the given project. Hiring PMP certified employees helps the business owners earn more profit, and establish themselves as a far better brand than the competition.

Fees of the course

Looking at all the perks of a PMP certification, one might ponder that it could be heavy on one’s pockets to pursue this certification, but a reasonable PMP training is one of the biggest advantages of this course. A survey has shown that the probability of a PMP certified person getting a high paying job is nearly double as compared to an individual who doesn't have PMP certification. A top PMP institute helps a candidate land a job in his dream company, as these companies value candidates with a PMP certification, as it reflects better on them.

The cost for going through a PMP certification course depends on the type of training you are opting for, the institute from which you are getting trained, and the country in which you are getting trained. This cost varies from one location to another, but don’t worry, the curriculum that they would be teaching remains uniform throughout as the training for PMP is a universal thing, and the learnings that they would be imparting into the candidates needs to stay the same throughout. PMI makes sure that such an objective is achieved by all the institutes globally.

Starting from the most developed country in the world, the United States, the fee for a PMP course lies anywhere between $1500 to $3000 when a person opts for physical training. Again, this depends on the institution from which you are studying, and also on the part of the United States in which you are studying. Although when a person opts for online training from institutions, then the fee varies from $700-$900. And if a person studies on his own through guide books, then the cost lies anywhere between $300 to $500 approximately.

When a candidate tries to study PMP in India, then again, the fee varies depending on the mode and the location. The fee varies from 30000 to 50000 INR when a given candidate opts for a classroom program and goes physically to attend the classes and learn the concepts. When a candidate applies for online training where he gets the lectures online and the study material at home to practice, then the cost for this varies anywhere from INR 20,000-45,000. And finally, when a candidate prepares on his own using the study material available or buying guide books or anything of that sort, then this costs anywhere between 5,000 to 15,000 INR.

what is pmp course fee

When we take the cost of PMP in Europe, then it is EU 1,700 for the physical training, EU 720 for the online training and EU 280 for the self-preparation of the exam. If a candidate wishes to study PMP in Singapore, then the cost comes at SGD 800-1000 for online or the physical training and SGD 300-400 for the self-preparation of the PMP examination. Lastly, if a candidate wishes to study PMP in Dubai, then the cost for the same is about 2500 Dirham for the online as well as the physical coaching, and it is close to 1000 Dirham if a candidate opts for the self-preparation for the PMP examination.

Basically, it does not matter in what part of the world you are in, the costs are almost similar that a candidate needs to bear in order to get a PMP certification. Also, it depends on your place of work after you get a PMP certification that your return on investment is decided. Suppose you are working for an organization in the most developed country in the world, the United States, there you will get an average salary which is almost double the average salary of a working person in any developing country.

Also, even if you are in the other parts of the world, there also exists a significant difference in the pay of a PMP certified employee and a non PMP certification holder. Adding on, PMP aims to decrease the pay disparity between both the genders, as it aims offers a higher salary to the candidate irrespective of their gender. With so many advantages that PMP has to offer, it is bound to charge the candidates some fee for applying to it. Considering the amount of fee being charged, it is a win-win deal for candidates who wish to pursue project management as their profession.


As we have seen the costs that candidates have to bear when they think of a PMP examination in various parts of the world, we can see that the costs are not that high when the utilities and the advantages being offered are compared to the cost of the examination. It is a one-time investment that the people need to make in terms of money, and then all they need to do is study the hardest that they can and put in all the efforts. If you clear the PMP examination in the first attempt itself, then your investment would start paying itself up in no time at all!

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