Offerings for Online PMP Certification Training in Pune

  • As the student will be covering 35 hours of training of Project Management Professional (PMP), he/she will be awarded 35 PDUs
  • The students will be rendered training by PMI authorised training partners
  • The students will be given a course completion certificate after the successful completion of PMP training
  • A set of about 250 - 300 questions will be given to the students for practice
  • The students attending the Online PMP Certification Training in Pune will be provided with especially curated knowledge modules of the latest edition of PMBOK Guide, these will be HD Audio Visual modules.
  • Regular doubt sessions will be taken by the trainers to solve all the queries of the students and also for solving the case studies.
  • The students will be given a blueprint of the new format of the examination

The Training Delivery Model of Online PMP Certification Training in Pune

For Individuals

-The training will be 35 hours of online PMP training

-The students will be given specially curated Study material that will include all the knowledge areas of the latest edition of PMBOK Guide

-The course fee is exclusive of the examination fee

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For Business

-The corporates will have flexibility regarding the timings of the training

-The training will be conducted in teams

-Engaging games, case study solving sessions, group discussions will be held at regular intervals

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online pmp certification training in pune

Insight of the Online PMP Certification Training from the Leading Online PMP Certification Training Institute in Pune

The young and ambitious Indian

Digital transformation is now an important part of our lives as everyone want to access most of the things, digitally, i.e., over the ease of their comfort. To increase the employability of people Project Management Institute (PMI) offers Online PMP Certification, which will help people to sustain and grow in their respective job. Being the 2nd largest city in Maharashtra, Pune’s 62% of the population comprises of youth and in these challenging times, keeping your requirements in mind we have introduced Online PMP Certification Training.

What is PMP?

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) is the globally-recognized certificate, offered by PMI, which certifies that the person is well equipped with the relevant information related to project management.
  • PMP certificate is a standard set of Project Management professionals and having this certificate creates a great impact on the employers as well.
  • There is a facility of Online PMP Certification Training being offered for the convenience and benefit.
  • Online PMP Certification Classes are being provided to the professionals to provide knowledge on project management and how to successfully pass the PMP examination to achieve the certificate.

Insight into Online PMP Certification Classes?

  • With the new normal trending, online training sessions can be taken up by anybody eligible for certification, from anywhere, to stay updated with the market trends.
  • This training helps the professionals recognize the true potential of themselves and enhances the ability to manage the project.
  • Online PMP Certification programme also increases the networking opportunities with other project managers.
  • Certified professionals receive 25% higher salaries as compared to those who aren’t certified as per PMI
  • According to PMI, by 2027 there will be 2.2 million new project management job openings

Online PMP Certification programme

This is a structured programme which adds value to your career. It can be attended by anyone who matches the eligibility criteria set by PMI. The eligible candidate can apply for the Online PMP Certification Training, which apart from the theoretical concepts of project management, comprises of practical knowledge, so that the professionals are prepared to face and solve any real-time problems that occur during their project duration. Certified professionals should engage in continuous professional development in order to remain certified.

Why is Online PMP Certification Training important?

Nowadays most of the company’s professionals are working from home and for preparation of PMP certification examination candidates require to prepare from multiple study aids, like courses, self-study and group studies. With the help of Online PMP Certification Classes candidates gets support and abundant practice that is required for clearing the examination and getting the certificate. This training will help you to work in ad hoc situations with the new project management tools in an efficient manner.

The Online PMP Certification Classes act as an aid in increasing your knowledge required for project management process with respect to 5 domains:

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Monitoring and controlling
  • Closing

This certification’s popularity can be understood by the fact that there are millions of professionals in across 200 countries who are PMP certified. This shows that project managers across the world are understanding the value of this certification. Click here to know about How you can pay for PMP exam ?

Getting Online PMP Certification opens up wide range of opportunities for your career in various industries including pharma, aerospace, construction management, engineering, IT, telecommunications, manufacturing, banking and finance and many more. Online PMP Certification Training covers the new trends and practices, dealing with the considerations and the way of applying the business knowledge that is required for Project Management by any team member. This course can be taken by any professional as project management knowledge is required by every employee in any project.

Organizational influences

With the help of Online PMP Certification Training programme as the part of resume the candidates can outshine from others’ as this shows that the candidate has extra knowledge related to organizational project management. By attending Online PMP Certification Classes from a reputed institute like Learning Mudra acts like cherry on the cake for the candidates as it influences the organization’s stakeholders with the additional skills of the employees which would help in organization’s growth.

Online PMP Certification Classes offered by Learning Mudra are affordable and would make the candidate ready to face various types of risks, deliver quality content, and understand project management processes and many more offerings. The Online PMP certification would act as a support for the candidates as with this practice the candidates would know how to manage the project well. The Pulse of the Profession® report reveals that around one in three projects does not meet its goals, about 40 percent does not get completed within budget, and nearly half of them are not completed on time.

The Online PMP Certification is the new necessity in today’s time especially for the professionals. This certification is highly appreciated and valuable for all the employees. Online PMP Certification Trainings are made with the perspective of making learning easy and convenient for the professionals so that they can learn and work simultaneously at an affordable cost at one of the best PMP training institutes of India.

Online PMP Certification is updated and the new changes are implemented as on 2 nd January 2021. Along with the existing areas of study there are new changes made as per the needs of current times and now the course emphasizes on the following domains as well:


Team management and leading the team efficiently is one of the important tasks of project management.


Strengthening the technical aspects of project management.

Business environment

Focus on the interdependence of project and organization strategies.

In recent times, these domains got highly impacted. Proper attention and planning is required to achieve business goals and to sustain in the future.

The agenda of Online PMP Certification Training in Pune :

Introduction to PMP

The course will start with the introduction to basics of PMP and terminologies related to it.

Project management framework and processes

What is a project, its life cycle, processes related to it will be covered in detail.

Project Integration Management

How various elements related to a project are integrated in correct manner would be discussed.

Project Scope and Time Management

Project’s scope covers what exactly is to be done in different types of projects along with how to manage time including project schedule, estimation, schedule network analysis techniques, etc.

Project Cost and Resource Management

Various processes involved in cost estimation, allocation and controlling budget including how to manage resources with optimum efficiency including resource planning, assigning tasks, and other things will be covered.

Project Risk and quality Management

The knowledge of identification of risks and handling them, along with performing risk analysis will be taught so that appropriate quality standards can be made and ensure that those standards are met.

Project Communication and Stakeholder Management

Various communication techniques will be taught for smooth operations and use of correct processes for management of stakeholders.

The course adds value to knowledge and provides various other benefits to a professional, such as:

  • Introduction to project management terminologies and project life cycle.
  • Understand various types of practices followed during project management.
  • Effective use of resources to achieve and deliver quality deliverable.
  • Enhanced career opportunities.
  • Increased salary offers as compared to non-certified professionals.
  • High proficiency level for project management.
  • Better team management and leadership quality.
  • Course can be completed at your convenience without effecting your work.
  • Acts as a golden achievement while searching for job.

Earning a valuable certificate like PMP requires you to meet certain eligibility criteria. If you meet the eligibility criteria mentioned below then go ahead and apply for the certification exam.

  • A four-year degree from a reputed university
  • 36 months experience of leading projects
  • 35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM® Certification from any certified training institute

This course is meant for everyone who meets the eligibility criteria and is willing to improve their knowledge, creditability and value. With the increase in competition and demographic dividend everyone requires to adapt and update themselves in order to sustain in future. This course is a must for project leaders and others working in the project management field including project coordinators, analysts, product managers, program managers, etc. as this course gives an insight of new trends and demanded project management tools which are becoming part of the business world.

This certification is not limited to one industry as it comprises of agile structure which can be followed in any industry such as IT, manufacturing, constructing, aerospace, defence, etc. Even if you switch your industry line this certification would help you to get recognition in that industry as well. From the team members to CEOs this certification acts as valuable addition to anyone in the company due to its numerous benefits.

Due to pandemic the exam pattern has been changed a little. You can take this exam at your convenience that is online, at any time from any place. All you need to do before taking the exam is:

  • As the appointments are limited, you need to schedule your online or center-based exam
  • You should have a computer with a webcam and reliable internet connection
  • A quiet, uninterrupted space where you take the examination.

  • The new exam is comprises of:

  • 180 questions (the previous exam was 200) which require 61% pass rate
  • Maximum 230 minutes to complete the exam
  • One additional break with a total of two 10-minute breaks for computer-based tests. No breaks are scheduled for paper-based exams.
  • Questions will be comprise of multiple-choice, multiple responses, matching, hotspot and limited fill-in-the-blank.

FAQs related to Online PMP Certification Training in Pune

The PMP examination is quite hard but it can be cracked through proper education, diligent learning and careful planning by the candidate

The PMP certificate holds high value in almost all the industries so much so that some companies have made it as one of the pre-requisites

There is no hard and fast rule. You can get any of the two first, however it is mandatory to receive PMP training before taking the PMP examination

The fee is around $405 dollars for members and $555 for non-members.

A PMP certified person gets around 17-25 lakhs INR salary per year