Offerings for Online PMP Training Course in Pune

  • High-Definition Visual Audio modules will be shared with the students for covering all the topics of PMBOK Guide 6th Edition 2017 during this Online PMP training course in Pune.
  • On completion of Online PMP certification training, certificates will be provided as confirmation of completion of training.
  • Around 250-300 practice questions will be provided to students.
  • Sample videos will be provided for clarification of doubts.
  • The study material for the course will be provided to students for free which can be downloaded at any time.
  • Interactive games, discussions and practice of case studies will be done in live session and students can also clear their doubts in those sessions.
  • PMBOK Guide 6th edition e-book and updated exam format will be shared with students.

The Training Delivery Model of Online PMP Training Course in Pune

For Individuals

-4 days of virtual training session comprising of 35 hours will be conducted.

-The course fee excludes examination fee.

-Certified and experienced instructor will deliver the training sessions.

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For Business

-Flexibility in timing of training session as the sessions would be delivered in teams.

-Interactive sessions, discussions and case study solution encouraging teamwork and participation.

-Teaching assistance would be available 24/7.

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online pmp training course in pune

Insight of the Online PMP Training Course from the Leading Online PMP Training Course in Pune

PMP is one certification that has the potential to mould your career in a strong shape. Post covid, times have changed and people are more of comfortable with the online platforms. Online PMP courseis the same thing as in the physical one only difference is here you take the classes via an online platform. PMP – Project Management Professional Certification is a credential managed by Project Management Institute and is a globally recognized gold standard certification. Though there are few prerequisites before you attempt this credential exam and one of them is you need to have at least 35 hours of PMP training. The differentiating factor from the other project managers is the PMP credential, a candidate would be better prepared if he/she take the Online PMP training course.

Project Management coaching Courses

Online PMP course facilitate students and professionals steel themselves against the probable difficulties in handling the projects which are predominant in the industries. As a result, everybody learns,and most suppliers provide an alternative of self-paced online courses and live, online, instructor-led courses. The most effective Online PMP training courseprovided by the suppliers boast an almost 100% passing rate for the students who take their course. Students who do not pass in the scheduled time, they are typically given free access to the materials until they pass.This credential is only earned when you clear the PMP exam conducted by the PMI institute.

Current scenario

Post covid most of the training institutes are giving the lessons via Online PMP courses, which incorporates video lessons targeting completely several aspects of the PMP, test. Additionally they provide extra review material sheets, flashcards, quizzes, and mock exams. Physical and online have their own benefits and it actually depends on the candidate that where a candidate is comfortable with. The Online PMP training course isself-paced, permitting students to be told at their convenience and some additionally provide live, instructor-led courses. These are offered as a series of webinars, typically compressed into an intensive “boot camp” generally lasting four days.

Post-Training Benefits

Online PMP course covers the new trends, emerging practices, tailoring considerations, and has a greater emphasis on strategic and business knowledge and a new section on the role of the project manager. Typically people who are PMP certified people or the PMP professionals they get 15 to 20 percent higher salaries. over the non-certified people. It will definitely put you on spot and give you competitive advantage over many people out there who are looking out forthe job opportunities into the project management or if you want to developyour career in this area then you need to definitely look for a right training course.OnlinePMP training course are based on PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition and the editions keep changing as per the ongoing enhancements in the industries. The trainingis delivered the by highly experienced and certified trainers who are considered as one of the best trainers in the industry.

Best and affordable PMP Training Institute

Learning Mudra, which is a PMP Training Institute, offers two courses for PMP training, a classroom training which is available as Online PMP course for individuals and the other being the corporate training for business. The classroom training as such is the 4 days of classroom training, which does not include the PMP exam fees and is delivered by a certified instructor, so no worries. The corporate training is provided to the corporates where the trainees come in groups hence the whole curriculum timings get accommodated as per the availability and the requirement of the attendees. This can be both online and the classroom session. TheOnline PMP training course would be useful for the professionals in diverse profile roles as such the associate project managers, project managers, team leaders, product managers, project coordinators, project sponsors, etc.

Salary Glimpse

Taking the Online PMP course and getting the certification test tells employers, peers, and therefore the world that an expert has deep, verified expertise and data of project management. Some employers even need a PMP certificate to fill their project management positions.
Certified PMPs can even earn additional. In the U.S., those that are not PMP certified get around $92,000 per annum on the average. Those with PMP certification will earn up to $120,000 per annum on average. This increase in earnings will simply justifies the quality of the offerings of the top-tier Online PMP training course to confirm passing the PMP test and not up to that they basically make a candidate as comfortable to handle any projects in future with right skillset.

Online PMP Offerings

Therefore,an Online PMP course would make you gain the necessary skills, knowledge and you will be ready to apply the international project management standards directly from the PMP institute to the real world situations. You will be having PMBOK guides process groups, which will include the ten knowledge areas and the area of professional and social responsibility. You will be acquainted with the real exam scenario with the pre-modelled questions. Moreover, you will be having 100 days of online learning access with the PMP exam full guidance and support. There are actually abundance of things, which are included in the course curriculum of the Online PMPtraining course.


After doing a cost-benefit analysis, and examining the Return on Investment of the Online PMP course, a candidate would be exam ready and will have the ability to crack the exam even he/she has their first attempt if so. Taking an Online PMP training course would the most viable option to be future ready and well grasped with the essentials of project management. For under $1000 investment, you could earn $111,000 per year if you are in the United States. Hence, your Salary increases when you continue to remain certified and in touch with the profession.Moreover, some companies reimburse the exam fee and may pay the membership fee while a few also pay for training.


We checked out over a dozen Online PMP coursecourses for this review. At the highest of our list of considerations was accessibility. It had been vital that students had the convenience to access course materials anytime from any laptop or mobile device.People specifically probe for courses that offered mock exams and quizzes with performance trailing to assist students in their knowledge gaps and skills if any. People tend to additionally gave preference to those Online PMP training courses that provide a range of supporting materials, together with check homework guides, flashcards, and even directions for applying to and taking the PMP test.Because everybody prefers learning this way , we at Learning Mudra have already incorporates such self-paced and instructor-led courses to match any learning vogue in our training kitty.

1. An Initiation to the PMP® Certification Course

  • What exactly are PMI® & PMBOK® Guide?
  • The Evolution of PMI®
  • Certifications that are offered by PMI®
  • The various PMI® Contact Resources
  • What is PMP®?
  • What are the Prerequisites for the PMP® Exam?
  • The syllabus for PMP® Exam
  • The PMP® Exam Structure
  • Introduction to the topic of Project Management

2. Project Management Framework

  • What is a Project?
  • What exactly is Project Management?
  • What exactly is Operations Management?
  • What exactly is Program Management?
  • What exactly is Portfolio Management?
  • What is Project Management Office (PMO)?
  • What are Constraints?
  • The Role of a Project Manager
  • What is Organizational Structure?
  • What isEnterprise Environmental Factors?
  • What are Organizational Process Assets?
  • The Project lifecycle Versus the Product Life cycle

3. Project Management Processes

  • The Project LifeCycle Overview
  • The Project Lifecycle Versus the Project Management Process
  • Who are the Stakeholders ?
  • Who are the Key Stakeholders ?
  • What are Process Groups, Knowledge Areas ?
  • Input and Output of the Forty-Seven Project Management Process Groups
  • What are the Organizational influences on Project Management ?

4. Project Integration Management

  • What is Project Integration Management ?
  • What is the Role of Project Team ?
  • What is the Role of Project Sponsor ?
  • What is the Project Selection Methods ?
  • What is the Core Processes of the Project Integration Management Knowledge Area ?

5. Project Scope Management

  • What is Project Scope Management ?
  • The Product Scope vs. Project Scope
  • The Core Processes of the Project Scope Management Knowledge Area

6. Project Time Management

  • What is Project Time Management ?
  • What is Project Schedule ?
  • What are Gantt Charts ?
  • What is Network Diagram?
  • What is Estimation ?
  • What are Schedule Network Analysis Techniques ?
  • Study of PERT and PERT Analysis, The Critical Path Method and The Schedule Compression
  • The Core Processes of the Project Time Management Knowledge Area

7. Project Cost Management

  • What is Project Cost Management ?
  • Cost Estimating and Cost Budgeting
  • What is the Key Terminology in Project Cost Management ?
  • The Core Processes of Project Cost Management Knowledge Area
  • What is Earned Value Technique ?

8. Project Quality Management

  • Define Quality
  • Define Quality Management
  • What is Cost of Quality ?
  • What are the Core PM processes of Project Quality Management Knowledge Area ?
  • The Seven Basic Tools of Quality

9. Project Human Resource Management

  • What is Human Resource Management ?
  • What are the Roles and Responsibilities of the Project Sponsor ?
  • The Functional Manager vs. Project Manager
  • The Core processes of Human Resource Management Knowledge Area
  • What is Conflict Management ?
  • What is Motivation Theory ?

10.Project Communication Management

  • What is Communication?
  • What are the Communication Methods, Technology and Channels ?
  • What is Basic Communication Model ?
  • What is Key Terminology in Project Communication Management ?
  • The Core processes of Communication Management Knowledge Area

11. Project Risk Management

  • What is Risk?
  • What are Project Management Risks ?
  • How are Risk & EMV calculated?
  • What is Risk Classification ?
  • What is Decision Tree Analysis ?
  • What is Risk Reserve & Contingency Reserve ?
  • What is the Key Terminology in Project Risk Management ?
  • What are the Core processes of Risk Management Knowledge Area?

12. Project Procurement Management

  • What is a Contract?
  • What are the Different Types of Contract?
  • What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Contract Types?
  • What is Key Terminology in Project Procurement Management?
  • What are the Core Processes of Project Procurement Management Knowledge Area?

13. Project Stakeholder Management

  • Who is a Stakeholder ?
  • What is Stakeholder Register?
  • What are the Various Analytical Techniques for Stakeholder Analysis?
  • What are the Various Management and Interpersonal Skills?
  • What is Key Terminology in Project Stakeholder Management?
  • The Core processes of Project Stakeholder Management Knowledge Area

14. PMI® Professional Responsibility Area & Social Responsibility Area

  • How to Ensure Individual Integrity ?
  • How to Contribute to Project Management Knowledge Base?
  • What is Ethnocentrism?
  • What is the Code of Ethics?
  • What is Professional Responsibility?
  • How to Balance stakeholders’ interest?

15. PMP® Examination Tips & Tricks

  • The type of questions that are asked in the PMP exam
  • Which are the Tricky questions in the test?
  • The key terms in the exam

From the course :

  • Become more efficient while managing projects and finish it in lesser time and using less resources. Also, learn about the various definitions and description of the prevalent terminology of Project Management.
  • Increase your precision and accuracy while managing projects and learn to avoid making regular mistakes. Also, learn the particular tricks of the trade of project management.
  • Learn the applications of the International Project Management Standards from PMI® (the PMBOK® Guide) in real-world situations while managing actual projects.
  • Gain knowledge and become proficient in project management so as to be able to pass the certification test of PMI.
  • Prepare for PMP®/CAPM® certification exams and gain an understanding of all the particular test taking techniques.
  • Practice the different types of questions that are asked in the PMP®/CAPM® exams. (This course is aligned to the 2021 exam)

From the workshop :

  • Get free online access to 100 days of PMP® e-learning.
  • Get thirty five PDUs Certificate
  • 14 Hours of finest High Definition audio and video on the PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition
  • Practice with half-dozen Full-Length Mock Exams that has over 1200 questions.
  • PMP® examination Blue print (PMP® examination Application steps and procedure)
  • PMP® Formula with examples
  • PMP® examination Tips and Techniques
  • Free easy to use templates are also given for Project Management
  • The courseware can be downloaded in the form of E-books.
  • Assistance for examination registration, membership of PMI and also the procedure of the registration for examination.
  • Sample PMP Application example (filled out) for reference
  • Get complete support via call, e-mail, and text.


The criteria that should be fulfilled in order to be eligible for the PMP Certification Examination from PMI is


You are a graduate with a 4-year degree and have 36 hours of experience leading projects and have 35-hour Project Management Education


You have high school diploma (or Associate’s Degree or global equivalent) and have 60 hours of experience leading projects and have 35-hour Project Management Education.

The PM course will be useful for anybody aspiring to make a career in Project Management. However, this certification is especially important for the people in the following job roles.

  • People who are Associate Project Managers
  • People who are Project Managers
  • People who are IT Project Managers
  • People who are Project Coordinators
  • People who are Project Analysts
  • People who are Project Leaders
  • People who are Senior Project Managers
  • People who are Team Leaders
  • People who are Product Managers
  • People who are Program Managers
  • People who are Project Sponsors
  • People who are Project Team Members seeking PMP® or CAPM® certification.

Duration of Exam: 230 Minutes
Number of Questions: 180 (Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Matching, Hotspot, Fill in the blanks)

  • People (42%)
  • Process (50%)
  • Business Environment (8%)

Passing Score:PMI® doesn’t give percentage instead there is a grade system. The grades are-

  • Proficient
  • Moderate
  • Proficient
  • Below Proficient

Only people who get a grade of below Proficient is Fail.

Prerequisites :

The criteria that should be fulfilled in order to be eligible for the PMP Certification Examination from PMI is


You are a graduate with a 4-year degree and have 36 hours of experience leading projects and have 35-hour Project Management Education


You have high school diploma (or Associate’s Degree or global equivalent) and have 60 hours of experience leading projects and have 35-hour Project Management Education

FAQs related to Online PMP Training Course in Pune

Yes, you’ll be receiving a training completion certificate after completing a minimum of 35-hours training.

No, this certification is meant for all the management professionals.

Once you are eligible for taking certification exam, PMI will e-mail you instructions regarding scheduling examination with your eligibility code, which you will need when scheduling your exam appointment.

Yes, you can take exam at any time of the day but make sure to schedule the examination as soon as possible as the appointments get filled quickly.

Your application is valid till 1 year from the date of approval, as suggested by PMI. After that you need to apply again.

The exam fee depends on the exchange rates of various countries.

Yes, we’ll provide support until you take your certification examination.


In some exceptional cases we can discuss and figure out what can be done.