Offering of PMP Training Course in Pune

  • The students attending the PMP Training Course in Pune are provided with HD Audio Video modules covering all topics mentioned in PMBOK Guide’s latest edition.
  • Certificates provided for completion of minimum 35 hours of PMP training.
  • Mock questions will be provided to the candidates exam practice
  • Sample videos answering frequently asked doubts in the questions
  • Course material is free and downloadable by candidate on any device
  • Interactive approach to teaching inculcating team spirit through case studies, interactive games and group discussions
  • Live doubt clearing sessions
  • An e-book of PMBOK along with blueprint of new exam pattern will be provided

The Training Delivery Model of PMP Training Course in Pune

For Individuals

- 4 days training, a total of 35 hours, both physical classroom and online sessions are available

- Course fees includes examination charges

- The training is delivered by a certified and seasoned project manager helping you understand from real life project situations

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For Business

- Both online and offline are available

- Greater flexibility in timings as training will be in teams

- Interactive approach of teaching encouraging teamwork using methods such as games, discussions and case study

-24/7 teaching assistance will be provided

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pmp training course in pune

Insight of the PMP Training Course from the Leading PMP Training Institute in Pune

Nowadays, the worth of an employee is measured on the skills that the person possesses and Project Management Professional course i.e. PMP Course provides the skills that have become a necessity in order to succeed in today’s corporate world. It’s a globally recognized certificate from the PMP Institute and is a stamp of assurance provided to the employers, peers and the world that the person knows what he is doing in project management. The skill attained by doing the PMP Training Course opens up new avenues for the person in his/her career and prepares him for new challenges hence professional growth in the coming times.

PMP Institute is the global body that has created the guidelines and the framework for project management. It provides a certificate that provides recognition to the person’s project management skills and proves the credibility of the person in this field. There are various PMP Courses in Pune, but the best institute that provides training is Learning Mudra. If you live in Pune and want to kickstart your career in Project management, then the first step would be to get yourself enrolled at Learning Mudra.

The reason that the course provided by Learning Mudra is considered the best PMP Course in Pune is that it provides the best PMP training to the person by designing a course that prepares the person not only for acing the certification exam but also for delivering results in his/her company by using the techniques and guidelines learned during the course and applying them in real life. This helps the person to define and learn common terminology. Not only this but also, this affordable PMP Training course in Pune makes the person more efficient by enabling him/her to manage projects much faster and also by using lesser number of resources.

Pune is one of the industrial hubs in the country and various companies work on various projects and in order to get successfully recruited in those companies and work on those projects, the person needs to have had access to a top PMP course provided by reputable institutes such as Learning Mudra. Also, having a globally recognized certificate from PMP Institute conveys the fruits of the training done by the person. This training helps the person grow their knowledge and opportunities with thought leadership, exercises and tools. According to research, companies would need to fill 2.2 million project-oriented roles each year through 2027. Hence getting a certificate today or renewing it absolutely makes a lot of sense.. This training would enable a candidate to prepare and get employed for those roles.

Learning Mudra has the most trusted PMP Training Course in Pune because it prepares the person to avoid common mistakes and plan for any unforeseen circumstances while managing a project. It teaches the person all the tricks of the trade and helps them gain skills needed to not only pass the certification exam but also to perform well while managing a real project. The reason that this training provided by Learning Mudra is held in such high regard in Pune is because the training provides enough practice to the candidate by conducting 6 mock tests consisting of 1200 questions of the highest order. Hence, this PMP Course in Pune ensures the success of the candidate in the test as well as in a project in real life.

We have already established the importance of the highly reputed and globally recognized certificate provided by the PMP Institute and the reason as to why it is so valuable is that the person needs to meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for this certificate. To enroll into a good PMP Training Course in Pune, firstly, the person should have a good educational background and 4-year degree. He/she should also have an experience of 36 months leading projects. Lastly, the person should have at least 35 hours of project management training provided through the course such as the one provided by Learning Mudra.

This leading PMP Course in Pune offers learning about the core management processes of Scope, Time and Cost as well as the five process groups established in PMBOK Guide Fifth Edition published by PMI Institute. The training also includes the ten knowledge areas and the areas of professional and social responsibility. These learnings are of utmost importance in order to work in a project of a company in Pune. Therefore, utmost care should be taken while choosing the training institute and the reason that Learning Mudra is so much in demand is because its PMP Training Course in Pune concentrates in teaching these points in such a way that the students can have hands on experience of these learnings and do not forget them easily.

PMI provides many courses including PMP. For the PMP students, PMI offers membership to it. This membership showcases the dedication of the person and reflects his/her seriousness regarding his/her project management career and professional development. It showcases the person’s dedication to employers, peers and the stakeholders and gives him/her an edge while applying for a job. It also provides the person with an access to valuable knowledge, resources and networks which in addition to his/her training from the best PMP Training Institute with the best PMP Training Course, such as Learning Mudra, puts him/her on the fast-track to success.

The reason that Learning Mudra is able to offer the best PMP Course in Pune is because it helps the person learn about all the facilitating processes of project management such as Quality, Resources, Risk, Procurement and Communication. Learning Mudra’s dedicated training is interactive and comes with end-to-end support via phone, mail and chat. This leading PMP Training Course also helps the person ascertain their level of readiness by taking tests in various knowledge areas.

To conclude, PMP training is of utmost importance in order to secure a high paying job in Project management in Pune and the best training institute in Pune is hands down Learning Mudra which offers the best PMP Training Course and prepares the person not only for attaining the globally recognized certificate but also for all the future endeavors in the field of project management.

PMP certification exam has changed its pattern of examination, and to keep up with its changes, we have updated our training as well. The training agenda consists of the following portions: predictive project management and agile approaches to project management. With the onset of industry-wide disruption caused by the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the necessity of a new paradigm was felt deeply. The ripples of this event have reached almost all domains of human endeavor, including Project Management.

PMI has designed a newer framework based upon feedback from countless industry experts to deal with the emerging challenges effectively. As a consequence, Project Management itself has been divided along three lines. They are People, Process, and Business Environment. These three areas present a bird’s eye view of the Project Management Framework. In addition, each section is further classified based on the tasks associated with them.

A brief overview of this new framework and the competencies a candidate is expected to be proficient in are given below:

People-All Projects depend on the involvement of people to bring them to fruition. For this reason, PMI has given around forty-two percent weightage to this section. The various processes associated with this area are as follows:
  • Managing the various conflicts that may arise
  • The intricacies of Leading a team
  • How to effectively support a team’s performance
  • Improving the capability of key stakeholders and team members
  • How to provide the most suitable training to members of the team
  • Accelerating the Team Formation
  • Dealing with Roadblocks in the Project
  • Communicating important terms of project agreements
  • Integrating with relevant stakeholders
  • Creating Consensus Ad-idem of various stakeholders
  • Virtual Team Management
  • Structuring and enforcing ground rules
  • Managing stakeholder needs and expectations
  • Application of emotional intelligence concepts to improve performance
Process-Processes are the actual activities by which value of generated for the company, and any improvement in this has significant ramifications in the area of profit-making. Keeping in mind the importance of this section, around fifty percent of the questions are devoted to this domain. The various tasks associated with this area given below:
  • How to meet Deadlines
  • Effectively managing communication
  • Risk Management based on key metrics
  • Increasing participation of stakeholders
  • Effective allocation of resources
  • Efficient management of schedule
  • Monitoring and managing quality of products
  • Requisite clarity on the scope of the project
  • Integration of planning with execution
  • Dealing with sudden changes in project
  • Efficient procurement of necessary resources
  • Means of effectively managing project artifacts
  • Identifying optimal methodologies and processes for the project
  • Creating a governing structure for the project
  • Handling emerging issues in project
  • Ensuring effective knowledge transfer to ensure sustainability
  • Effective Planning and Execution of transition periods of the project such as its start and end
Business Environment-A business is intimately affected by the impact of the various elements present in its Business Environment. Hence this necessitates the development of a holistic framework to deal with the Business Environment’s various elements. Various elements of a Business Environment are as follows:
  • How to ensure compliance with necessary benchmarks
  • A holistic assessment of the Benefits and Costs associated with a Project
  • How to adapt quickly and effectively to changes in Business Environment
  • Optimization of Organizational Structure and Values to match Business Environment
  • Improve and update their knowledge framework to the latest benchmarks
  • Gain proficiency in applying various tools to real-world problems to create the desired outcome
  • Skilled in the different conceptual domains of project management
  • Improved clarity and effective execution of critical business processes
  • Network with certified PMP professionals across the globe
  • Jump to a higher Pay Bracket with better financial remuneration
  • Accelerate your career growth by standing out from the crowd
  • Learn to improve requisite Social skills and Process delivery skills to industry benchmarks
  • Best future-ready for the upcoming changes in Business Environment

The conditions that a candidate must fulfill before applying for the certification are as follows:

  • Candidates having only a high-school diploma require a minimum of sixty months of experience in leading projects in addition to thirty-five hours of project management education.

  • Candidates who already have a four-year college degree need at least thirty-six months of experience in leading projects and thirty-five hours of project management education.

  • With regards to the maintenance of their PMP certification, it is required of them to earn at least Sixty PDUs or Professional Development Units over the course of every three-year cycle. This will ensure they are up to date with the latest advances in the field.

    All candidates who fulfill the basic eligibility requirements can apply for the certification. They can be originating from any field of business, provided they are in a position to manage or lead projects. Every year there are a wide variety of candidates from diverse professional roles who apply for the exam. They include Project Managers, Associate Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Project Analysts, Project Leaders, Team Leaders, Product Managers, Program Managers, Project Sponsors, Project Team Members, and others. The business environment is currently in flux after the widespread disruption in business processes due to the pandemic. This flux has led to an increase in overall demand for professionals who can help companies effectively navigate in this challenging environment. PMP course is optimized for professionals to effectively navigate the current climate and improve their career prospects in the process. PMP certification adds further credibility to their professional capacity and gives them a great platform to showcase their business value.

    The new pattern of the exam differs from the old structure in the following ways:

    • A decrease in the number of questions faced by candidates from Two Hundred Thirty questions to One Hundred and Eighty questions.
    • The time given to complete the exam is Two Hundred and Thirty minutes.
    • It is permissible for the candidates opting for the computer-based exam to have a total of two 10 minutes break during the course of the exam.
    • The candidates who are opting for paper-based exams will not be provided with breaks of any kind.
    • A variety of questions such as MCQs, matching choices, fill-in-the-blanks, and other types, will be a part of the exam.

    All these changes have been made keeping in mind the new challenges to be faced by the project management professionals in a changing work environment.

    Candidates who take the computer-based exam get their result immediately upon completion of their exam. For candidates who take the paper-based exam they get their results usually within four weeks of the exam. The candidates may receive an official mail from PMI usually in a period of two weeks from the exam. The candidates can expect the same being reflected in PMI registry and their personal account after the mail. The physical certificate may reach the candidates between either four weeks or six weeks from the exam.

    FAQs related to PMP Training Course in Pune

    PMP- Project Management Professional is the epitome of PMP certification and helps you take your career in project management to the next level

    Yes, one certificate for each completed hour of training. A minimum of 35 hours plus PMP exam is required to become certified professional.

    You will get assistance through the entire process starting from filling the form and ending with your PMP exam when you enroll with learning Mudra.

    Yes. We will support you till you take your PMP exam.

    It is okay to take a break but it is not advisable. It is better to take an exam right after finishing your training.

    No, it is not included in the training fee.

    No, generally you don’t need to submit. But in case your application is selected for a random audit, then yes. Which doesn’t happen often. We will help you with that too.

    There is minimal chance of failure with our pedagogy. However, in case you do fail you can retake the exam twice within one year of eligibility time span.

    No, it is not difficult if you are willing to put in efforts. PMP certificate can become easy if you are determined.

    PMBOK guide is meant through which you remain updated with everything latest in project management. It is crucial that we are up to date in the field that we are getting into.

    World has changed for the better. If you are capable and have the right education you will reap its benefits. On average a 25% increase in salary can be expected after PMP certificate.