Offerings for Online PMP Certification Course in Pune

  • While attending this Online PMP certification Course in Pune, the attendees will enjoy the engaging role plays and group discussion to inculcate practical knowledge in them. Also, numerous case studies will be given for solving to increase the problem-solving skills of the students
  • The training will be provided by special PMI authorized trainers
  • A course completion certificate will be given to the students for successfully completing their PMP training.
  • All the possible queries of the students will be solved by the PMI authorized trainers through live doubt sessions
  • The students will be given free downloadable versions of the specially curated educational modules which will contain all the knowledge areas of the latest edition of PMBOK Guide
  • A certificate will be given to the students suggesting that they have earned 35 PDUs as they would have covered 35 hours of PMP education
  • A booklet of 250-300 questions will be provided for practice purposes

The Training Delivery Model of Online PMP Certification Course in Pune

For Individuals

- There will be 35 hours of online PMP training

- The course fee will not include the examination fee

- The training will be given by experienced PMP trainers and live doubt sessions will be conducted for all the queries

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For Business

- The candidates will be provided with course, category and all access pricing

- The candidates will have flexibility for choosing the timings of the training

- Sessions for group discussions, interactive games, case study solving will be held

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online pmp certification course in pune

Insight of the Online PMP Certification Course from the Leading Online PMP Certification Course Institute in Pune

Pandemic Affect

These days in the field of project management PMP Course provides the skill that is necessary to succeed in today’s corporate world. Its globally recognized certificate from PMI and is a mark of assurance given to the candidates trying to build their careers in project management. The pandemic of Coronavirus taught us that how important it is to know new technologies. So, that we should be prepared for the upcoming pandemic. Many people find it hard to apply for the course so, Learning Mudra, the top institute for the PMP Certification course, also offers the Online PMP Certification course in Pune.

Ladder to Your success

Now, you know what skills to learn. But before opting for that skill, you must know more about the course. The Project Management Institute (PMI) regulates the PMP course. The PMI is a global organization that manages all the processes of certifying candidates. Opting for this course opens up your scope in every industry this means the Online PMP Certification course in Pune is worthy in every aspect. This certification is a one-time investment as the knowledge learned in the duration of certification will last long in your career. It helps you in keeping up with the trend.

Online Course Is Better

By opting for the Online PMP Certification course in Pune, you do not face geographical restrictions. This is one of the advantages of online courses. The course brings a vast difference in the candidate who goes for this certification. The curriculum at Learning Mudra for this course is designed in a processed way that even if candidates later look to change department across the same firm or to change the firm, they can easily do that. That means if you switch to the other firm then you will see the same standard of work.

Grow with the Course

The Online PMP Certification course in Pune brings a change in your profile in such a way that you grow faster in your career than your co-worker. The course makes you confident to achieve the desired goal for your firm and brings credibility to your work. It helps you even after you have been working in the same place, as it keeps on updating itself with the new practices happening around the world. Here, in the online course, you also enjoy the benefit of working simultaneously. For instance, you are doing your office work then you take a break and you study the opted course. In other words, you get flexibility in time to study the course. Even after achieving the desired goals, the upper management of the firm wants you to stay updated as it will add trust in their name too. This gives credibility to you to do big projects by managing time and using minimum resources.

Get More Paid

Everyone wants good reviews by their manager or by the HR of the firm, a survey shows that if a candidate takes the leading Online PMP Certification course in Pune and not only in Pune but in other parts of India, gets more rating as compared to others and get better salary / increment too. It helps a person expand their horizons in a corporate environment, as the corporate firms want a candidate who adapts to changes. The candidates who are ready to change and work according to the firm's want. Because that is what an employee does, they provide services of learned knowledge and skills. This training is not training which only helps you in the exam but also helps you in solving real-life problems, by knowing the application of theoretical study in real life.

Easily Affordable

Learning Mudra, not only provides the most affordable Online PMP Certification course in Pune, it also teaches how to use the learning effectively while appearing for the PMP exam. Learning Mudra's package of knowledge consists of 6 mock tests which include 1200 questions, free online access to PMP e-learning for 100 days, 14 hours of high-quality full-length audio- video based on the PMBOK guide, PMP examination blueprint. A survey says 2.2 million roles in Project Management will emerge each year up till 2027. So, it is advisable to study the course at a reputed institute like Learning Mudra.


The criteria for the PMP exam include either having a 4-year degree along with 36-months-of- experience leading projects and 35-hours of PMP education or having a high school diploma along with 60-months of experience leading projects and 35-hours of PMP education. The amount of experience required for getting a good Online PMP Certification course in Pune usually prohibits the students from physically attending the classes for PMP education while still doing a job and therefore, it is a good idea to get online training. Learning Mudra is so much in demand because it holds a training Course concentrated on teaching important skills and discipline.

Learning Process

At Learning Mudra, the Online PMP Certification course in Pune depends on PMBOK® Guide latest Edition is an upgraded version. Learning Mudra gives vital importance to post-training benefits as the candidate has studied during the course stays with them, and they can apply it to real-life problems. The course focuses on practical approaches to theoretical knowledge. This means that both theoretical, as well as practical knowledge, play a vital role here. The PMP- certified candidates get 15-20% more compensation as compared to those who don't have the certification. The course is guided by professionals who are members of PMI. Online PMP courses motivate its candidate to focus on in-depth preparation, even encourages them to overcome the obstacles that come their


To conclude, the Online PMP Certification course in Pune is valuable in every aspect as it gives advantages over the actual ones. PMI certification is a valuable and rich course that will add up to your skills. The training is of utmost importance in order to secure a high-paying job in Project management. Choosing the right institute is of vital importance as it affects the training, and it will affect your results, so be aware of which institute you choose.

1. An Initiation to the PMP® Certification Course

  • What exactly are PMI® & PMBOK® Guide?
  • Certifications that are offered by PMI
  • The various PMI® Contact Resources
  • What is PMP®?
  • What are the criteria for the PMP® Exam?
  • The syllabus for PMP® Exam
  • The PMP® Exam Structure
  • Introduction to the topic of Project Management

2.Project Management Framework

  • What is a Project?
  • What exactly is Project Management?
  • What exactly is Operations Management?
  • What exactly is Program Management?
  • What exactly is Portfolio Management?
  • What is Project Management Office (PMO) ?
  • What are Constraints ?
  • The Role of a project manager
  • What is Organizational Structure ?
  • What are Enterprise Environmental Factors ?
  • What are Organizational Process Assets ?
  • The Project lifecycle Vs. Product Life cycle

3.Project Management Processes

  • The Project LifeCycle Overview
  • The Project Lifecycle Versus the Project Management Process
  • Who are the Stakeholders ?
  • Who are the Key Stakeholders ?
  • What are Process Groups, Knowledge Areas ?
  • Input and Output of the Forty-Seven Project Management Process Groups
  • How is project management influenced by organization?

4. Project Integration Management

  • What is Project Integration Management ?
  • What are the Duties of Project Team?
  • What are the Roles and Duties of a Project Team?
  • What is the Project Selection Methods ?
  • What is the Core Processes of the Project Integration Management Knowledge Area ?

5. Project Scope Management

  • What is Project Scope Management ?
  • The Product Scope vs. Project Scope
  • The Core Processes of the Project Scope Management Knowledge Area

6. Project Time Management

  • What is Project Time Management ?
  • What is Project Schedule ?
  • What are Gantt Charts ?
  • What is Network Diagram?
  • What is Estimation ?
  • What are Schedule Network Analysis Techniques ?
  • Study of PERT and PERT Analysis, The Critical Path Method and The Schedule Compression
  • The Core Processes of the Project Time Management Knowledge Area

7.Project Cost Management

  • What is Project Cost Management ?
  • Cost Estimating and Cost Budgeting
  • What is the Key Terminology in Project Cost Management ?
  • The Core Processes of Project Cost Management Knowledge Area
  • What is Earned Value Technique ?

8.Project Quality Management

  • Define Quality
  • Define Quality Management
  • What is Cost of Quality ?
  • What are the Core PM processes of Project Quality Management Knowledge Area ?
  • The Seven Basic Tools of Quality

9.Project Human Resource Management

  • What is Human Resource Management ?
  • What are the duties and tasks of the Project Sponsor ?
  • The Functional Manager vs. Project Manager
  • The Core processes of Human Resource Management Knowledge Area
  • What is Conflict Management ?
  • What is Motivation Theory ?

10.Project Communication Management

  • What is Communication?
  • What are the Communication Methods, Technology and Channels ?
  • What is Basic Communication Model ?
  • What is Key Terminology in Project Communication Management ?
  • The Core processes of Communication Management Knowledge Area

11. Project Risk Management

  • What is Risk?
  • What are Project Management Risks ?
  • How are Risk & EMV calculated?
  • What is Risk Classification ?
  • What is Decision Tree Analysis ?
  • What is Risk Reserve & Contingency Reserve ?
  • What is the Key Terminology in Project Risk Management ?
  • What are the Core processes of Risk Management Knowledge Area?

12. Project Procurement Management

  • What is a Contract?
  • What are the Different Types of Contract?
  • What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Contract Types?
  • What is Key Terminology in Project Procurement Management?
  • What are the Core Processes of Project Procurement Management Knowledge Area?

13. Project Stakeholder Management

  • Who is a Stakeholder ?
  • What is Stakeholder Register?
  • What are the Various Analytical Techniques for Stakeholder Analysis?
  • What are the Various Management and Interpersonal Skills?
  • What is Key Terminology in Project Stakeholder Management?
  • The Core processes of Project Stakeholder Management Knowledge Area

14.PMI® Professional Responsibility Area & Social Responsibility Area

  • How to Ensure Individual Integrity ?
  • How to Contribute to Project Management Knowledge Base?
  • What is Ethnocentrism?
  • What is the Code of Ethics?
  • What is Professional Responsibility?
  • How to Balance stakeholders’ interest?

15. PMP® Examination Tips & Tricks

  • The type of questions that are asked in the PMP exam
  • Which are the Tricky questions in the test?
  • The key terms in the exam

From the course :

  • Learning Mudra offers the best online PMP certification training. Not only the best but also the most affordable PMP solution. We at Learning Mudra pride ourselves in teaching in a way that can be applied in real life complexities of a project and ensure candidates are able to sail through them smoothly.
  • PMI has created a guide establishing project management standards and to get your online PMP certification classes you need to meet those standards. We teach on the basis of PMBOK guide terms, definitions, processes and learning areas.
  • We also ensure professional and social responsibility is given utmost importance while teaching. Teaching relevant things that will help for exam and the real world
  • Preparing individuals for PMP/CAPM certification exams and understanding tips and tricks to ace in the exam as well as develop a thorough understanding to use in real life situations.
  • Learning to develop proficiency in project management and to learn to work faster despite having fewer resources. Also learn about the prominent theory of project management to have better understanding.

From the workshop :

  • Free access to 100 days of Online PMP certification training
  • 35 PDU Certificates
  • 14 Hours of high definition, full-length audio and video based on PMBOK® Guide Latest Edition
  • Practice using 6 Full-Length Mock Exams which offers more than 1200 practice questions.
  • A questionnaire is provided for practice with more than 300 questions on the 10 knowledge areas.
  • PMP® exam blueprint for better understanding of individuals (steps for application and procedure)
  • Math Formula with examples.
  • PMP® Exam Tips and Techniques.
  • Free ready to use templates for Project Management.
  • E-book format downloadable
  • Assistance for exam registration, membership of PMI and the procedure of the application for exam as well as notification of important dates
  • Sample PMP Application Template which can be used for reference.
  • Support tailor made just for you via phone, mail, and chat.

The course is especially useful for people looking to make their careers in project management.

If you are new to project management, this is what you can get to get an edge over people who have more experience than you. This certification will be your fair advantage.

To the people with years of experience and still not having a certificate. What are you even waiting for?

If you are already working on any project in any shape or form, go for it.

Specific job roles that should apply:

  • Associate Project Managers
  • Project Managers
  • IT Project Managers
  • Project Coordinators
  • Project Analysts
  • Project Leaders
  • Senior Project Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Product Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Project Sponsors

Earning your online PMP certification will require commitment and determination. This essence makes it valuable in today’s dynamic world. You are through with the hard part if you have project management experience.

The eligibility requirements for PMP are:

  • Four year degree
  • Minimum 36 months of project leading
  • 35 hours of project management education/training or CPMP Certification

  • OR

  • High school diploma or an associate degree (or any equivalent, globally)
  • Minimum 60 months of project leading
  • 35 hours of project management education/training or CPMP Certification

Meet the required criteria? Apply now!

Exam duration: 230 minutes
Number of Questions: There are 180 MCQs with one extra break of 10 minutes for online exam. The duration is of 230 minutes. The PMP passing score is not fixed. Aim for more than 70% or 126 questions out of 180.
Questions revolves around:

  • People- 42% or 84 questions
  • Process- 50% or 100 questions
  • Business Environment- 8% or 16 questions

Grades: PMI doesn’t give any kind of percentage. You are evaluated in one of four targets, namely:

  • Above Target
  • Target
  • Below Target
  • Needs improvement

This is the newest criteria for evaluation based on psychometric analysis. Since no 2 question papers are same it is only fair that percentage system does not exist. Since a grading system with percentage would be unfair to people getting a difficult paper and unfair advantage to those getting easy.

FAQs Related To Online PMP Certification Course in Pune

The new exam is comparatively harder than the last one but proper education and careful planning are all you need to crack it.

You can get either one first according to your choice. Although, it is compulsory to get PMP training before taking the examination

The candidate needs to meet the eligibility criteria, get their application approved and pass the exam to get PMP certification

The fee for PMP exam is $555 for non-members and $405 for members

The average salary is about 17 - 25 lakhs INR per year